Get ready to join us for an unforgettable five-day event at Moray 2023!

With a total of five (forest) runs, the best four will count towards the individual age-class competitions, giving everyone a chance to shine.

Competitors from around the globe will have the opportunity to experience the breathtaking beauty of Scotland while competing on high quality terrain and courses. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this amazing event and showcase your skills in one of the most stunning locations in the world!

Final Details

General Information
for All Days

Daily Updates
Daily news will be posted on the website. Fabian4 will be used to email any very urgent messages.
Day Parking
Please adhere strictly to road signs and to one-way systems where in operation.
All cars must be in the car parks by 12:30pm each day and no cars will be allowed to leave before 12:30pm.
Event Arenas
The Arenas will have an information tent, traders, toilets, first aid and Download.
Please take all rubbish away with you.
Dogs are permitted in the parking areas, on shuttle buses, and arena provided they are under control, on a lead and cleared up after.
On Day 1 dogs may not be taken down to the forest (ie on walk to start/finish) from the parking area as the landowner has pheasant covers adjacent to the track.
There will be photographers in the area. If you do not want your photograph published please speak to the officials in the information tent. If you have concerns regarding inappropriate or intrusive photography please report it to any event official.
Covid Guidance
For us to run the event safely, it is essential that all competitors comply with any rules and guidelines laid down by the Scottish Government in respect of COVID-19 which might include rules on face coverings, self-isolation, travel and quarantine.
General Health Information
Accident and Emergency: Dr Gray’s Hospital, Elgin, IV30 1SN.
For non-emergencies you can contact NHS24 (dial 111) or visit for details of GP practices, pharmacies etc. in the local area.
Ticks are common in the competition area. Check carefully after each day and remove any ticks with a suitable removal tool. Lyme disease does occur in the area: if you develop a rash at the site of a bite, we advise you to seek medical advice.
E-coli O157 may be found where farm animals have been grazing in fields used for Parking and Arenas. We recommend that you wash your hands thoroughly before eating.
Avoid dehydration: If the weather is hot, drink plenty of fluids.
Please bring your own water – water will only be provided on WRE courses on Day 2.
Please avoid taking disposable water bottles to any of the start locations.
Saturday Event Centre
Forres Town Hall will be open on Saturday 29th July from 2:00pm until 5:00pm for you to collect commemorative coasters, printed programme, race bibs, any hired dibbers, pre-ordered merchandise (ie no sales), and training maps.
Orienteering kit/equipment trader(s) will also be present.
Information Tent
The Information Tent will be open from 9:00am until 4:00pm each day in the Arena for collecting maps; collecting hired SI dibbers; complaints/protest forms; merchandise collection/purchase; social programme tickets; lost property; coasters; unclaimed maps from previous day(s); and certificates.
Colour Coded Course Entries
Entry after 30th June 2023 will only be available for colour-coded courses (adults or juniors), and TrailO entries. These are subject to map availability. This limited entry can be made online up to 5pm the day before each of the individual days. If there are still maps available on the morning of a particular day, entry can be made at the Information Tent from 9:00 until 12:00 for colour-coded courses or at the Enquiries Point for TrailO (in Roseisle).
String Courses
Each day will have a String Course and Off-String course.
As we are required to have details of all participants for insurance purposes, a one-off pre-registration (free via Fabian4 for those who are not running competitively) is strongly recommended to avoid queues, especially on Day 1.
Minibuses and Coaches
If you are planning to bring a minibus or coach please contact to discuss arrangements.
Training Maps
Training courses will be available in Quarrywood, Elgin and Altyre, Forres. Controls will be hung from 24 July.
Maps can be bought at the event centre or downloaded from the BOF website via Go Orienteering at a cost of £2.

Technical Information

Race Numbers (bibs)
Bibs can be collected from Forres Town Hall on Saturday 29th July from 2:00pm until 5:00pm and after that from strings next to the Information Tent.
If you do not wear a bib you will not be allowed to start.
Write medical/ contact information on the back (using template). Please bring safety pins to attach your bib to your clothing.
Changes to SI card number will remain free unless it includes hiring an SI dibber when the hire fee will be charged.
White and Yellow maps
White, Yellow, M/W10B, M/W10A and M/W12B maps must be collected from Information Tent before going to the Start.
A copy of each will be on display in the Arena.
SI punching system will be used
All versions of SI card are accepted, including SI-Air cards. Only course 41 (M21E) requires a Series 9 card or above which holds more than 30 controls.
It is essential that all competitors visit the download tent by course closing time whether or not they have finished their course.
Control Codes
Will be displayed on the SI punch box only. Please ignore any other coding you may find at the control site.
Mapping Standard
All the main Day event maps are prepared to the current ISOM 2017-2 spec.
The Darnaway map is prepared at 1:15,000 with the correct symbol sizes. All the other day maps are prepared at 1:10,000, but using the 1:15,000 symbol size. This means that the symbol sizes for these maps will be smaller than the standard. This is required to clearly show the micro-relief detail in the sand dune areas.
The Forres sprint map is prepared at 1:4000 using the ISSprOM 2019-2 standard.
Course Closure
For the main days, all courses close at 4:00pm.
Finish and Download
Both the Finish and Download must be punched (not contactless).
Results will be available online at
For Elite classes, scoring is based on cumulative time over the week, i.e. competitors need to complete every day.
For all other classes, points are awarded for each day’s result: Class winners receive 1 point, 2nd placed competitor 2 points, and so on. Competitor’s overall score will be the sum of their best 4 scores of the week.
In the event of a tie between 2 or more competitors, the competitor with the lowest individual day score will win; if that is the still the same, it will be a tied position.
Competitors who fail to finish, do not start or are disqualified will be awarded a points score which is higher than the total number of active competitors in that class.
Prize giving will take place at 3:00pm on the last day (including TrailO).
There will be medals for the top 3 overall in each class (M/W10-85 A/B or E/L/S) with certificates for places 4-6 in M/W10-16 A/B.
Junior Certificates
Certificates for 1st-3rd place on M/W10-16 A /B. These can be collected on the following day from Information tent. Day 5 certificates can be emailed out after the event.
Complaints, Protests and Appeals
Complaints should be made to the Day Organiser either orally or in writing via the standard Complaints/Protests form available from Information tent up to 4:30pm on the day of the competition.
There is no fee for a complaint. The Day Organiser is the adjudicator of a complaint. A protest can be made against the Organiser’s decision, in writing to the Controller.
Protests and appeals will be handled under Rule 16 British Orienteering Rules v3.10 2023.

Start Procedure

  • When you leave the arena, volunteers will remind you about wearing a bib (no bib, no go), having a dibber and compass, and collecting white and yellow maps.
    Full leg cover is mandatory for all forest days.
    If the Organiser has declared cagoules compulsory (through Daily News, notices in Arena) this will also be checked.
  • It is competitors’ responsibility to start at their allocated times; there will not be a name call-up and the minus 4 clock will be prominently displayed with times called out.
    Latecomers, those with split starts and helpers should speak to an official at the start.
  • Remember to clear and check (SIAC test also available) before entering the correct minus 4 box for your course, which will be labelled with the course number or colour-coded course name.
  • Minus 4 is individual boxes. You will be asked to dib a manually-held check box.
  • Minus 3 is one large box with loose control descriptions: odd courses on the left and even on the right.
  • Minus 2 is one large box with blank maps. Note there may be different scale maps depending on which courses are at this start.
  • Minus 1 is one large box. There may be safety information/reminder given.
    At 10 seconds to go you may step over the line then go on the long beep.
    Remember to punch the start unit.

The above details must be read in conjunction with the specific information for each day (see below).

Location Map

Key Officials

This year, the Central Organising Team is drawn from several clubs including Moravian Orienteering Club (MOR), plus Grampian Orienteering (GRAMP), Forth Valley Orienteering (FVO) and East Lothian Orienteers (ELO).

Elizabeth Furness (Event Coordinator) and Nikki Howard (Assistant Coordinator) are key members of the team.