Thursday 3rd August 2023

Today is a long distance event

The forested sand dunes of Culbin with its raised beaches are extensive enough to provide two days-worth of terrain to orienteer through without having to worry about seeing many of the same features more than once – except for the stalls and club tents in the arena, that is!

For the final long distance event of Moray 2023 we take you to the delights of Culbin Forest with an arena tucked down below the “raised beach” which borders the forest. Access to the forest from the arena, which will be used for both days, is by kind permission of Davie and Dawn Nicolson and Forestry and Land Scotland.

Culbin was planted between the wars to stabilise shifting sand dunes; the resulting open pine forest on complex topography is perfect for orienteering. The forest is mainly runnable with good visibility though some pockets of gorse and deeper heather do exist.

ALL campervans, motorhomes and any low-slung vehicle will NOT be able to park at the arena and arrangements will be confirmed before the event.



A selection of images from the race area…

Image Caption: Culbin map extract

Image Caption: Culbin forested dunes

Image Caption: Culbin map extract

Image Caption: Culbin forested dunes

Image Caption: Culbin forested dunes

Preliminary Details

Thanks to the landowners who have made today’s event possible…

Forestry and Land Scotland Dawn and Davie Nicolson

Important Information

Organising clubs:
Edinburgh South Orienteering Club (ESOC) supported by Clydeside Orienteers (CLYDE) and Kingdom of Fife Orienteers (KFO)
Jayne McGregor (ESOC) & Margaret Dalgleish (ESOC)
Simon Gregorson (ESOC) & Sabine Oechsner (ESOC)
Alan Halliday (MOR) & Peter Halling (ESOC)
For Cars: Follow the A96 west out of Forres. After 0.8 miles and having passed over the bridge over the River Findhorn turn right onto an unclassified road (Broom of Moy / Kintessack) following the road to the left once over the railway bridge. Follow the unclassified road for 0.4 miles and turn right (Dyke / Kintessack). Follow this unclassified road for 1.1 miles until Mudhall Farm then turn right onto Waterford Road (Kintessack / Broom of Moy). After 0.7 miles turn sharp left onto an unclassified road (Cloddymoss / Nairn). After 0.5 miles turn right (Snab of Moy Farm) and follow the road through the farm to the parking.
For Campervans: TBC.
Field at Snab of Moy, Kintessack, IV36 2TG – this parking is not suitable for any campervans despite their size – it is the weight which means that they will not be permitted to park at Snab of Moy. Alternative parking for campervans is TBC.
Complex contours in forested dune.
Dogs are permitted in the parking areas and arena provided they are under control, on a lead and cleared up after.
BOF Registration Number: 81097

Estimated Course Lengths

Course Class Length (km) Climb (m) Start
1 M10B W10B 2.0 20 White
2 M10A M12B W10A W12B 2.5 25 White
3 W12A W14B 3.0 35 White
4 M12A M14B 3.7 55 White
5 W75S W85 2.0 25 White
6 M85 W70S W80 2.2 30 White
7 M75S M80 W65S W75L 2.5 35 White
8 White 2.0 20 White
9 Yellow 2.5 25 White
10 Orange 3.0 35 White
14 Light Green 3.6 40 Green
15 Green 4.5 65 Green
16 W14A W16B 3.6 40 Green
17 M14A M16B 4.6 65 Green
18 M70S W55S W60S W70L 3.4 50 Green
19 M65S W50S 3.8 55 Green
20 M75L W45S W65L 4.0 60 Green
21 M60S W40S 4.3 60 Green
22 W18S W20S W35S 4.5 65 Green
23 M55S W60L 4.8 70 Blue
24 M70L W55L 5.2 74 Blue
25 M18S W16A W21S 5.3 75 Blue
26 M50S 5.5 80 Blue
27 M45S W50L 5.7 80 Blue
28 M40S M65L 5.8 85 Blue
29 M20S M35S W45L 5.9 85 Blue
30 M60L W40L 6.4 90 Blue
31 M21S W18L W20L W35L 6.7 95 Blue
34 M16A W21L 6.9 100 Red
35 M55L 7.2 100 Red
36 M18L M50L 8.1 115 Red
37 M45L 8.5 120 Red
38 M40L 8.7 125 Red
39 M20L M21L M35L 9.0 130 Red
40 W21E 8.9 125 Red
41 M21E 11.2 160 Red