Wednesday 2nd August 2023

Today is a trail orienteering competition

Today’s trail orienteering event is an opportunity to try TrailO and test your map interpretation skills in the intricate dunes of Roseisle. As a rest day activity it does not count towards the main competition.

Photo © Richard Webb (cc-by-sa/2.0)

We are pleased to include trail orienteering as a rest day event, using the middle part of Roseisle which some of you will have visited on yesterday’s courses.

The TrailO event is fully accessible for wheelchairs with registration, start, finish and map collection all near to the Public Car Park.

There will be just one course, fully wheelchair accessible. The classes are Open-senior, Open-junior, P-senior and P-junior. (P=physically challenged) and there will be prizes in each class.

The start window of two hours (from 10:00am until 12:00 noon) is before the sprint race in Forres so that you can take part in both events.

There will be one wheelchair accessible course – this will be Pre-O with a timed control at the start.

Find out more about trail orienteering at the British Orienteering Trail-O website.

Final Details

Important Information

Organising clubs:
Edinburgh South Orienteering Club (ESOC).
Roger Scrutton (ESOC).
Anne Hickling (ESOC).
Rob Hickling (BASOC).
Roseisle Forest Public Car Park, NJ 104 656 (please note that pay and display charges apply: £4 per day by cash or card).
The car park is likely to be busy so please plan to car share and follow the marshals’ instructions for parking.
From the Findhorn Roundabout on the A96 take the exit for Findhorn / Kinloss / B9011. Follow the B9011 for 1.8 miles. In Kinloss continue straight through onto the B9089 for 3.7 miles. Turn left onto the road signed for Roseisle Forest and continue along that road for 1 mile to car park.
Registration and some EOD will be at the northeast end of the car park.
Public toilets will be available for competitors to use.
Start times will be from 10:00am until 12:00 noon (or until all competitors have started).
At registration you will collect your control card and a dibber (if you have indicated that you need to borrow one).
The control card should be folded down the middle and you should punch through both parts at each control.
Follow the red/white tapes from the Registration tent to the timed control waiting position (100m), from which you will be called up for this control.

Complex contours on forested dunes.
Base map from Lidar data supplied by the Scottish Orienteering Association.
Original Survey & Cartography: 1975 to present by Harvey Map Services, Stirling Surveys, DOLM, Peel Land Surveys, Jon Hollingdale & GISamap.
Event updates: DOLM 2022-23
The scale is 1:4000 for pre-O, and 1:2000 for the timed control.
Courses close at 2:30pm.
Make sure you punch the SI Finish unit and return your control card to Registration.
At the finish one half of the card will be returned as a record of your answers.
Special Information:
Results will be posted on the TrailO Results page of the 6 Days website as soon as possible after the event.
You must wear your bib from the other days (or pick up a bib at registration).
BOF Registration Number: 82799

Course Details

The course is a classic PreO, with one timed control followed by 19 controls. The control card will be issued at Registration. The map for the PreO section will be issued at the PreO start, just beyond the timed control. The course follows forest roads and paths throughout.
Timed Control
The timed control will have six kites in the terrain, A to F, and two problems. Answer Z is not an option.
There will be a time limit of 60 seconds to give your answers. A warning will be given at 50 seconds.
Any problem not answered within the time limit will be deemed incorrect.
There will be a penalty per incorrect answer of 30 seconds.
The PreO course is 2km without significant climb.
There will be SI Clear and Start units at the PreO start.
You must keep to mapped paths and not cross any red/white tapes across paths.
One point is scored for each correct answer on the course.
The time limit for the course is 117 minutes.
The course decision points are marked 1, 2 etc on a post but are not marked on the map. You must identify the position of each decision point on your map.
There will be up to 5 kites (A-E) at each control. If you think none of the kites is in the correct position, answer Z.
Note that if the correct answer at a control is Z, there should be no flag closer to the correct position than 3m.
Pin punches for recording your answer on the control card are placed within a few metres of decision points.
Solution Maps
Solution maps (showing the positions of all kites on the course) can be collected from the registration tent after the last starter has completed the timed control and started the PreO course.
The score for the whole course is the number of correct answers on the PreO course less any penalty for exceeding the time limit (one point per 5 minutes or part of 5 minutes). The time taken to answer both problems at the timed control, plus any penalties for incorrect answers, will be used as a tiebreaker.
It is against the rules of TrailO to communicate with other competitors while on the course, although discussions after completing the course are fine provided no-one yet to start is within earshot.
Please understand that many people on the course will be competing seriously and we ask you to respect their need for concentration, not to discuss controls within earshot, and above all do not leave the path and wander around control sites.

Thanks to the landowners who have made today’s event possible…

Forestry and Land Scotland