Inside Mission Control

We have been hunched over our laptops for a few days, and here is the allocation of competitors to days.  If a day is highlighted in green then you can run that day, if its not then either you haven’t entered that day, or it has not been allocated to you.

To explain the split:

  • We split the Scottish 6 Days into 2 events comprising
    • Event A: Days 1, 2, 5
    • Event B: Days 3, 4, 6
  • Clubs were allocated to Event A or Event B to
    • keep overall numbers balanced across the days
    • keep the different course numbers balanced across the day
    • keep as many people entered for part of their week with their club, as far as possible
    • keep the Scottish clubs in the Event for the day they are organising
  • Competitors were only allocated days they have entered
  • Competitors should be given half of the number of days you entered rounded up
    • Entered 5 or 6 days → allocated 3 days
    • Entered 3 or 4 days → allocated 2 days
    • Entered 1 or 2 days → allocated 1 day
  • And then that’s when it started to get tricky…
    • WRE competitors for Day 5
    • competitors only running part of the week
    • ‘families’ (ie people on the same entry form) with competitors running part of the week – but choosing different days
    • dealing with a background of changes, and some special requests for allocations – eg you far-travelled folk from KERNO, we have given you days 1,2 5!

So, the final allocations are now here.

Final Allocation.pdf

What to do next:

  • If you are happy – no need to anything
  • If you are slightly unhappy – please live with it and recognise the difficulties in carrying out a fair allocation
  • IF we have completely mucked up your allocation given the processes outlined above or any email correspondence we have had about entries – we may be able to do something.
  • If that doesn’t solve things – then you have a final chance to cancel this weekend only. Again please email

Hope to see you at Lochaber (if you are running the same days that we are, of course!)