This is not a substitute for reading the final details and Day 1 information which are available online.

In a change to the details published in the programme we have decided not to split the scores into A and B events and your best two results from any runs will count. We expect that there will be quite a few ties at the top. For the two elite classes the best two results from Days 1,2,3 and 6 will count.

There is some additional information from the controllers for Day 1:

  • Both the ‘slow running/walk’, good visibility (wider green and close lines)  areas are generally bracken which is in some places is currently difficult to pass (‘Fight’) and competitors  should avoid these areas. This particularly is the case for early controls for Red/Blue start courses
  • Many burns and streams have steep craggy sides (without a crag symbol) – competitors should avoid crossing them where the contour lines  are very close ( particular if more than 2), and cross where the slope is least steep. C1, Men Elite, route to first control, please note!
  • Most water features are dry and indistinct , and there are many unmapped boulders (mostly small) – large boulders (greater > 1m on all sides) are well mapped.
  • There is some new bracken growth  which is not mapped – do not to rely on the accuracy of mapped bracken. This applies mostly to parks below the hill fence.
  • An old broken down  fence has black/yellow tape  as a trip hazard.
  • There are some cows and sheep in the fields around the finish area.  The farmer says they are not aggressive and should move out of the way to unused parts of the field.  If you do come across any give them plenty space to get out of your way.
  • Spare a moment on the high starts to admire the lovely views to the SW over to Mull, and over Loch Etive to the South another great O-area; Creag Mic Chalien
  • Greylag and Canada geese favour the car park and adjacent fields –  keep both an eye and ear for them as they may fly past.
  • Amongst flower rich hillside you will also come across Buzzards and possibly   the odd sea eagle over head..

We look forward to seeing you in Ardchattan.