Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to find out more about the areas which are hosting the Scottish 6 Days in Moray 2023.  Today its the turn of Culbin…

We are looking forward to running on a new map of Culbin which is lidar-based and much more detailed than the previous orienteering maps – this should enable some precise navigation through the terrain from feature to feature. The area has clear ridges with faster running and some lower-lying heather-covered areas which are slower going but equally scenic. The planners have been out in all conditions – day and night; calm and windy; damp and dry; high tide and low tide – to ensure that the courses visit the best areas of forest on both days 4 and 5 with very little overlap.

Whilst Culbin is large enough to support two days, the location of the parking and arena together with the irresistible pull of the little-visited eastern end of the area means that most Day 4 courses will have a longish, though flat, walk to the start. The less technical courses have a closer and all courses finish near there as well.

To take advantage of the most intricate terrain and in order to keep high quality orienteering throughout the courses on Day 5, the shorter technical courses will have a (not very) remote Finish whilst as many of you as possible will finish in the arena.

If you haven’t entered yet, you should enter today!