The 22nd Scottish 6 day event was staged in Strathearn in August 2019. The financial outcome from the event was a small surplus. This better than originally projected result is primarily due to late entries and entries on the day plus the release of various contingencies that were not required. This outcome will enable a payment to be made to Scottish clubs, as in previous years, for their assistance in staging the event.

The venue for the 6 Days in 2021 will be Lochaber. The event will take place between 1 and 7 August 2021 with the coordinator being Terry O’Brien. Several areas have been provisionally identified, including some new and some old areas, and will involve different types of terrain over the course of the week.

The Board has had discussions regarding a venue for 2023 and it has been agreed to hold the event in the Moray area. Moravian have agreed to take on the central organising role.

The Company, on behalf of British Orienteering, will stage the sprint World Orienteering Championships in 2022. This event will be include individual and relay races as well as an individual knock-out format and will be held in Edinburgh. Open, or spectator, races will be held in conjunction with the WOC races over a long weekend in July.

This is an exciting prospect and will involve members of Scottish clubs, and the Edinburgh clubs in particular, in the staging of the event. There is a financial risk in hosting this event but, with financial support from EventScotland and the City of Edinburgh, and based on preliminary planning and financing arrangements, it is not expected that this will have an adverse financial impact on the Company’s balance sheet position. The application to the IOF had the backing of the SOA, British Orienteering and the University of Edinburgh as well as our financial partners. The race venues will include both the old town and campus type areas. Paul McGreal, who held a similar position for the world championships in 2015, has been appointed as Event Director and several of the Organising Committee members are also in position.

There have been no changes to the Board over the year though Jon Musgrave has completed his period as a co-opted member. I would like to thank the Directors and co-opted members for their work and support in advancing the Company’s aims and values. There is a vast amount of experience within the Board and I am confident that the work of the Board will be carried forward successfully with its members. I would also like to thank the Events Officer of the SOA, Colin Matheson, for his contribution to the 6 day Company.