1. Welcome & apologies for absence

Apologies: Colin Eades (CE), Ewan McCarthy (EM)

2. Register of interests – check & update

All present checked and signed the register of interests.

3. AGM 2019 (see separate minute)

· Chairman’s Report (DK) – approved with minor correction needed to dates for 2021 Six Days which DK will correct before publishing on website.

· Finance Report (KR) – approved.

4. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors on 11 September 2019


5. Matters arising from minutes of 11 September 2019 (not covered in the agenda below)


6. Finance report

KR had registered the bank account for on-line banking and DK has been set up as an additional account signatory through internet banking (Risk mitigation action). It was agreed that 1-2 other Directors should also be account signatories on–line.

The 2019 Financial statements had been completed, reviewed and had been filed at Companies House.

Cash at bank was at a high level – to be expected at this stage in the 2-year cycle.

7. Strathearn 2019

TOB and CM presented their reports and reports from officials – key points below:

a) Still waiting for reports from David Nicol, Entries & Day Co-ordinator.

b) There is some surplus merchandise – 28 mugs and hessian bags, 3 shell body warmers, 17 hoodies, 2 technical T shirts (XL), some Cotton T shirts, badges. The Board agreed that clothing should be given to the SOA with the rest kept as event souvenirs.

c) TOB believes that 40 silva flags are missing

d) COT Job descriptions – Jon Musgrave forwarded the 2010 version so these have not been updated.

Action 1: DK – Provide master copy in word to TOB of COT job descriptions so they can be updated

e) £2k put aside for possible Day 4 claim

f) Copyright on new maps – SOA set the policy for this. RO agreed that SOA would review the map copyright policy and update as necessary (ensure simple and clear).

g) Payment to clubs – need to finalise based on current formula so can determine distribution for Sprint and also check with A Hickling if she is expecting any payment for Trail O.

h) The event account currently had a balance of £26,400 and, with club and film disbursements required amounting to £10,500, there would be a final surplus of approximately £16,000.

i) The club disbursements will include the Sprint event.

Action 2: RO – SOA to undertake review of map copyright policy and update as necessary

Action 3: RW – Calculate club surplus distribution for SD2019 using existing formula and apply formula to Sprint

Action 4: DK – Confirm with A Hickling if Trail O is expecting any payment

8. Lochaber 2021


1 Aug -7 Aug 2021


Terry O’Brien – Event Coordinator

Ross Lilley – Day Coordinator

Ed Niland – Local liaison/ambassador

Richard Oxlade – Technical Coordinator

Donald Grassie – Mapping Coordinator

Event Format (for consideration)

· Limited extras e.g. no Sprint but local orienteering would benefit with urban map!

· Cut down number of course options e.g. no White

· Reduced ‘bells and whistles’ (but EventScotland keen that expertise for WOC 2022 is maintained) e.g. no livestream but GPS tracking (not live); filming (not livestream)

· Retain chemical toilets and electronic punching

· No World Ranking Event so we will only do laser not litho printing

· No commentary?

Areas and Ownership

CM noted this was not an easy task. He is struggling to find the right combination of area/parking/access.

Mapping contracts need to be placed in late Jan / early February

2021 Location

Area Existing LiDAR Distance Remarks
Arisaig Yes (old) No Long Open moorland. Parking options. Land manager approval. Combined area?
Arisaig South No 2019 Long Matheson visit. Complex mixed terrain. No parking on-site. Land manager approval. Combined area?
Achadlieu Yes


2019 Matheson visit. Ruled out – too much undergrowth
Kinlochleven No 2012 Matheson and O’Brien visits. Ruled out – too tough underfoot (rocks and bracken)
Aonach Mor No Planned Long Visited by Musgrave/Dean. Viable. In discussions with Jahama Estates but likely SNH refusal. Contact in SNH Lorraine Servant.
Fersit Yes


2012 Parking difficult – basic reassessment not promising
Strathmashie Yes


2012 Lot of felling but not reassessed Parking possible (with Gorstean)
Poll a’Chaistaill Yes


2012 Training Matheson visit. Good small training area only
Torlundy and Great Glen No 2012 Matheson visits. Ruled out – forest thick and damp
Achnacarry No Planned Long or


Visited Matheson/O’Brien. Good new area. Land manager approval. Parking available. Extensive rhodo clearance planned
Mandally No 2019 Training Not yet fully assessed. Possible training area recommend mapped.
Auchteraw Yes


2019 Long or Middle Visited Matheson/Grassie. Reserve area. Limited quality orienteering. Recommend remapping (club benefit)
Fort William Golf Course No 2012 Middle


Bus/walk from Fort William. Permissions from golf club. Requires second opinion
Blachmachfodach No No Not viable access
Glen Creran No To be requested Middle


Visited Matheson/O’Brien. Last day option. Probable parking. Limited junior options.
Glen Duror No No Visited Matheson/O’Brien. Unsuitable – extensive felling
Glen Nevis & Cow Hill Yes


2012 Training

Event Hub and Camping

Linnhe Lochside Holidays have limited space and have been promoted as official campsite.

Registration to be at Lochaber High School.

Website and marketing

Holding page in place www.scottish6days.com/2021 Video is in production from Karel Jonak (filming in June 2019). Car stickers were distributed at Strathearn 2019. Propose a postcard drop at major events next year (ORingen, JK, BOC, WOC 2020)

Action 5: TOB – Circulate to Board proposed list of course simplifications for S6D 2021 for discussion at next meeting

Action 6: CM – Provide note to Board on areas for each Day for S6D 2021 when firmed up

9. Moray 2023

MOR have agreed to be the COT.

Action 7: CM – Confirm dates for 2023 6 Day Event

10. WOC 2022

· Organising Committee and Steering Boards meetings were held recently. We are due money from EventScotland soon to pay 50% of the IOF fee by the end of December 2019. The Committee will ask to delay payment by a month so that we can get money through from EventScotland. We need to approve in principle the budget which was reviewed at the last S6D meeting. The only change to that presented at last meeting was that the Steering Board agreed to have a combined contingency budget (not distributed across budget holders).

· The intention is that accommodation will be managed by Edinburgh University – still to be discussed by University – so no cost risk exposure. The principle is to de-risk as much as possible.

· Approval was given for the budget and for DK to sign the IOF paperwork and open bank account under the Scottish 6-Day Company.

· CM has been involved with change in event dates – pushed back a week to 15-19th July 2022, website and news items issued on social media Facebook page and setting up High Level Event Seminar (HLES) in February 2020 in Glasgow. Costs will be met out of WOC budget.

· DK noted that the Committee are looking for an additional person to coordinate the spectator races.

· An event bank account will be opened by Bob Dredge (WOC FD) in January.

· The 6-Day Company will need to advance some money to the event. There will be about £40,000 further outgoings before 31 March including the IOF fee (Euro 30,000; £26,500) and payments to Paul McGreal.

· A payment of £20,000 – £30,000 is due from EventScotland early in the new year to offset initial event costs.

· Some aspects of finance such as spectator races, athletes accommodation and income from athletes are under review.

11. Anti-bribery policy (draft issued with agenda)

This is a requirement from EventScotland in connection with WOC 2022. It was agreed to adopt the draft provided with the agenda in principle. Any concerns should be raised directly with DK.

It was agreed that a betting policy is not required by S6D Company.

12. SOA Events Manager

No further business relevant to the 6-Day Company

13. SOA business relevant to 6-Day Company

Keith Roberts has stepped down as Operations Director and Nick Barr has stepped down as Communications Director.

The next four year strategic plan has been presented to Sports Scotland – hopeful to get approval, but has restrictions regarding what money can be spent on (governance, events).

14. AOB

RS raised an issue affecting new website regarding how much information from previous events (still have full event sites for past 2 events) should be transferred. The Board agreed that results, daily reports and videos/ photos should be kept, but could lose admin related information. Website development scheduled for start in January with proposed go-live in April 2020.

Action 8: CM & RS – To review existing websites pages and information and mark what should be transferred to new website

15. Future meeting dates

31st March 2020

The meeting closed at 8.15 p.m.