Welcome & apologies for absence

Apologies: None

Register of interests

The register of interests had been sent out with the papers for the meeting. All Directors were asked to inform DK of any changes.

Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors on 29 October 2020

Approved with no changes.

Matters arising from minutes of 29 October 2020 (not covered in the agenda below)


Finance report

KR confirmed that the annual confirmation statement had been completed and filed.

The 2019/20 accounts had been approved at the last meeting and will be filed after Christmas so as to meet the reporting deadline of 28 February 2021. Action: KR

The Company has cash balances of £129,000, though this does include advance payments in respect of WOC2024 and, in addition, the Lochaber event has cash of approx £25,000. A sum of £20,000 has been transferred to the Lochaber event to cover mapping costs.

We are up to date with SOA payments and KR is not aware of any notable unpaid amounts, but asked to be advised if this was not the case.

Lochaber 2021

Entry fees

The budget paper prepared by PB was discussed and entry fees were agreed after a wide-ranging discussion. The initial fee for Seniors was set at £22 (£3 increase compared to 2019) rising to £28 for late entries. The Junior fee will start at £6 and the Green colour coded fee at £15 with a £2 increase compared to 2019 for other adult colour coded courses. Closing dates were agreed as 31 January, 30 April and 30 June. The estimated deficit on this basis was £20K inclusive of a contingency of £10K and a payment to clubs of £10K.

Wording regarding repayment of fees in the event of cancellation would need to be carefully crafted and agreed with SI Entries. Action: RO / RS

PB was thanked for the time spent on the preparation of the budget and the fee proposal.

Entry System

It was agreed that SI Entries was the preferred option and offered a greater degree of protection to the event than Fabian in current circumstances, particularly if cancellation had to take place.

Area update

CM advised the current position.

Day 1 ARDCHATTAN – the Organiser still needs to be identified and Interlopers had been contacted regarding this position.
Day 2 INVERLOCHY – the first draft map had been completed. Parking is still to be resolved and various options were discussed with a possible fall-back of another area if a solution could not be found.
Day 3 ARISAIG – parking has been agreed and the first draft map completed. It was noted that the local Arisaig Gin was produced by the landowners.
Rest day – a decision on a Sprint Race was deferred. Options of Postbox ’O’ or MapRunF were suggested by TOB and samples circulated.
Day 4 ACHNACARRY – CM had met that day with the Factor (Astie Cameron) who had been very helpful.
Day 5 CREAG DUBH – CM noted that verbal permissions were in place and the map had been updated. The landowner was being helpful.
Day 6 CREAG MEAGAIDH – a new location on a National Nature Reserve. Mapping was in progress.


Now live. A link from the SOA website has been created. Thanks were due to Michael Atkinson and RS for getting this up and running.

COT 2021 positions

No volunteers had been identified yet for trader liaison, social media or computing. In respect of social media, CM noted that EventScotland were keen to provide a grant for enhancements and this could be one area for consideration.


Discussions on various options were aired. CM was asked to prepare a paper for further debate and DK will contact KR and Paul McGreal (WOC Event Director) regarding the cost and suitability for WOC2024. Action: CM / DK


CM formally expressed his thanks to RO for covering several COT roles.

CM noted that the video from Strathearn 2019 being prepared by Karel Jonak was still outstanding. He will be contacted by Lorna Eades (LE) in her WOC Role. Action: LE

WOC 2024

DK reported that the IOF had agreed to cut the sanction fee by 50% to Euros 30,000 and had prepared an amendment to the agreement to this effect. Otherwise, there had been no activity since the last meeting. Paul McGreal is still to discuss TV rights and sponsorship with the IOF.

SOA Events Manager

Nothing further to report.

SOA business relevant to 6-Day Company

Nothing to report (but see below).


CM advised that he has notified SOA that he wishes to reduce his working hours in 2021.

Future meeting dates

To be arranged for early February (via Zoom) Action: DK

The meeting closed at 9.10 pm