1. Welcome & apologies for absence

Present: Anne Hickling (AH), Colin Eades (CE), Dave Kershaw (DK), Lindsey Knox (LK, Minutes), Ross Lilley (RL), Colin Matheson (CM), Kenny Milton (KM), Robin Strain (RS).  David Sloan (DS), new Minute Secretary, from 7:15pm

Apologies: Richard Oxlade (RO), Roger Scrutton (RAS)

2. Register of interests

Circulated and completed.

3. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors on 19th November 2014

Previously circulated – approved.

4. Matters arising from the minutes of 19th November 2014 (and not covered elsewhere in the agenda)

Minute Secretary – David Sloan TAY has agreed to take on this role and will join the meeting later.

5. Finance report

KM reported that there hasn’t been much expenditure since November and we now have £53k in the bank plus £70k on loan to Highland 2015. We may have to give BOF some entries cash for their WOC cashflow.  Taxman is paid, we only pay tax on interest received. Query about VAT implications for grants, KM will check. AP1:  KM

6. Insurance

No update from Perkin Slade. However it appears that 6-Day events are not covered by BOF insurance, and volunteers not covered for personal injury. Do we need employers liability?  Ian McIntyre is chasing up, 6-days get cover as a wholly owned subsidiary of SOA.

7.  Highland 2015

RO and CM had previously circulated reports showing a huge amount of activity taking place.  CM is concerned about some costs well in excess of expected figures, e.g. initial toilet quote is far too high. Marquee quote for ideal number is also too high so these will be cut back.  We need one more set of equipment costing £5k to allow for moving round the areas although some items may be available on hire.

Concern about robustness/reliability of start clocks, also very heavy to move.  CM to see who owns them and look at alternatives.  SOA may be willing to buy them as they’re also used for SOL’s etc. AP2:  CM

Event Centre/Campsite:  CM is looking for a 3rd party to run the campsite and has only recently obtained a (very high) quote from a festival company, to be followed up.   A lower, more acceptable, option removes tents for catering/social from the quote.  Campsite fees are now published and it should just about break even.

Areas:  CM has produced an MTB map of Darnaway for the O-Fest.  Several areas now have large areas of windblow and CM has a meeting shortly with the Forestry Commission to discuss how best to clear parts.  Some revision of maps will be required. SNH have stated that we must avoid blankets bogs, planners advised.  Bracken clearance still an issue at Strathfarrar.

Funding and sponsors:   Should be hearing from Highland Council shortly. Nothing from Event Scotland recently.  Other possibilities – Sainsburys for food for volunteers,  Benromach for whisky (6Day only, not permitted for WOC).

Entries are looking good at 3300 and will be clearer at end of April; we may be looking at 5000 in total. WMOC in Sweden doesn’t seem to have had much effect so far. May require more courses for high level of entries, extending start time would be easier if numbers allow, as deadline for printer is mid-April and next entry date is 30 April.  Car parking for larger entry is OK, control loading more of a problem.

Sprint entries so far – Nairn 500+, Forres 600+  so entries in some classes may need to be closed before 30/4.

Regular local publicity with CM featuring regularly, Mike Rodgers doing a good job on Facebook.  Live and internet TV arrangements in place, plus progress towards BBC/Adventure Show.

Buses: minibus shuttle at Strathfarrar for getting oldies to Starts.  CM to chivvy Dave Summers for bus progress report. AP3:  CM

Si equipment:  enough units but need a couple of laptops. RS to make out a list of what we need. AP4:  RS

A2 folded programme this year rather than A3.  Stewart Crowther (WOC Communications) is planning a glossy souvenir booklet.

Bibs still to be thought about, there is a template. AP5: CM

CM will order 6 sets of waterproof numbers for t-bars. AP6: CM

Traders:  WOC team are keen that we charge Traders based on % of sales, suggesting 15%. Needs to be progressed by RO but we still want to keep the fixed fee as we regard traders as essential to the event.   Highland Council Event Scotland require us to have some local traders (Year of Food and Drink).

INVOC struggling to find volunteers.    Still need a training  co-ordinator.

Control watchers for WOC won’t be debarred from being competitive in 6-day competition.

The Forres sprint is a UK Urban League event and Days 2 and 3 are UK League.

8. 6 Days 2017 (Deeside)

MAROC and INT are the lead clubs.  Potential areas have been identified. Campsite probably in Ballater, pleasant town with Highland Games field for campsite. Minor capercaillie problems.   Starting on 31/7/17 potentially allows use of Balmoral but still to be progressed.

Plan to revert back to normal 3 days/rest/3 days with possibly a middle race one day.  Glen Tanar is earmarked for a WOC selection race and MAROC would like to remap this year if possible.  Map is MAROC copyright so CM will speak to Drew Tivendale (2017 Mapping Co-coordinator) about options. AP7: CM

We should inform IOF of our dates to avoid potential clashes with other events. AP8:  CM

9. 6 Days 2019

We should consider “south Scotland” and AH will write to SOLWAY, AYROC, RR, TINTO, CLYDE, ESOC, INT, FVO for suggestions and expressions of interest in taking a leading role. AP9:  AH

10. 6 Day Co/Event websites

Paul Frost has recently agreed payment for SOA website, looking for same for 6-days as he spends a lot of time on it.  A good website is vital to the event.  Agreed to make an offer of regular payment to PF for work on current and future events.  This will be paid from the 6 Day Co rather than event budgets.  This will not be on a contractual basis, PF will be required to submit invoices.  AP10:  AH

On a related topic, PF will be asked to set up generic (ie post-specific) email addresses on the scottish6days.com site for the Directors and key people in event organising teams.

11. SOA Professional Officer

There is a proposed new agreement regarding capercaillie, same exclusion dates will apply but their presence doesn’t necessarily mean no orienteering.  No near prospect of access to Speyside in August though.

12. SOA business relevant to the 6-Day Company

SOA are in the process of appointing 2 new Development Officers – for TAY and MAROC.    Claire Macpherson and RAS come to the end of their 3-year appointments this year. Claire may stand for re-election.

SOA are seeing an early year growth in membership but need to wait to see if this is sustained or just people renewing early.  Participation is flat though.

13. Any Other Business

KM Risk Register – he will email out copies of latest version. Feedback please. AP11: ALL

14. Future meeting dates

13 May 2015

30 September 2015 (including AGM)

Meeting finished at 8:30pm