1. Welcome & apologies for absence.

Present: Anne Hickling (AH), Dave Kershaw (DK), Colin Matheson (CM), Ross Lilley (RL), Kenny Milton (KM), Lindsey Knox (LK), Robin Strain (RS), Roger Scrutton (RAS), David Sloan (Minutes Secretary)

Apologies: Richard Oxlade (RO), Colin Eades (CE)

2. Register of interests

Circulated and completed.

3. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors on 11 February 2015.

Previously circulated—approved.

4. Matters arising from the minutes of 11 February (and not covered elsewhere in the agenda)

VAT liability on grants: KM followed this up. This liability applies if there is a contractual commitment to supply specific goods and services (as opposed to a general grant). Does not currently apply, but need to be careful to understand obligations relating to future grant income.

6 Day Co/Event websites. An agreement has been reached with Paul Frost for payment for work on event website and the 6 Day Co website.  KM to set up a formal agreement with Paul.   AP1: KM

5. Finance report (KM)

KM circulated a draft risk register, modelled on the SOA register, amongst Board for comments. Need advice on assessing IT risk issues. Board members invited to review the register and send KM comments. RS raised question of PAT testing of equipment. LK would recommend testing of electrical leads. This may be a local authority requirement for equipment used in their premises. 6 Day Company can’t test third-party supplied equipment.

Bank balance is healthy, even with loan to Highland 15 organising committee.

Funding for several mapping projects have been committed from the 6 Day Mapping fund, but only one project has claimed for funds so far. CM suggested publication of funded projects.

Under agreement with BOF, the first £20k of any surplus from Highland 2015 (WOC and 6Day combined budget) comes to the 6 Day Company. As BOF are aiming at a break-even outcome, the £20k return is now incorporated into the event budget. Target of 4500 entries has almost been met.

A Few Surplus Maps: there is still stock, now discounted for sale at H15.

6. Insurance

What cover for civil liability claims caused by competitor actions does 6 Day Company get from BOF? Currently none, as events are registered by SOA (a separate limited liability company). However, if 6-Day individual events are re-registered under the lead club, the events would be covered provided the claim was made against the organising club. The situation of training areas is unclear at the present time.

RAS expressed concerns that clubs may be wary of taking on liability. Alternative approaches could be to ask the central organizing club take responsibility for all parts of the event, or to extend the SOA policy to cover events (which it doesn’t at present), but this could be costly. For the last 6-days event, additional premiums were paid as a cover for employee liability, public liability and theft of equipment.

The SOA employers liability insurance has been extended to cover non-member volunteers working at the event.

Event information needs to make clear to non-BOF members that they are covered by BOF for only three events. The assumption is that international competitors are covered by their own governing body/association.   AP2: AH

Campsite insurance: not clear if there is insurance cover at present. AP3: CM

Social events: would need to be registered as activities to be covered by BOF insurance. Activities are not liable for levies. AH/RAS to ask central organizing club if they would agree to register 6 Day day and training events under their name.     AP4: AH/RAS

7. Start clocks

SOA have agreed that Ted Finch should refurbish the SOA clocks (5 sets of 2). RS has agreed to test them rigorously for use at H15; they are expected to be ready for testing by end of June. The same clocks were used successfully at JK and British Championships.

Contingency would be hiring Emit clocks; would need to commit to this by beginning of July. Recommendation is that one person on the Central Organising Team is responsible for clock maintenance and transportation during H15.

8. Highland 2015

RO and CM provided reports on progress.

At the time of the meeting, there were 4500 entries, c.40% of which were non-UK.

CM—estimates for number of cars based on entries mean there is concern with space for parking, and is now thinking of provision of contingency space (which may also require transport).

There is some concern over progress in bus service arrangement; have not had confirmation from treasurer over progress on payment for specific services.

Infrastructure progress is satisfactory. Some issues being resolved with WOC over mapping standards and representation.

There has been good publicity in Nairn’s local newspaper on the high demand for accommodation. Fergus Ewing MSP has asked for details of the event; also interest from Jamie Hepburn MSP (Scottish Sports Minister). RAS to follow up with invite.     AP5: RAS

WOC has requested more T- and L-bars

Programme: LK has prepared a draft of an A2 sized programme, currently being reviewed by the H15 team.

9. 6 Days 2017

CM circulated report on progress. Good progress has been made towards identifying 6 areas.

The recent fire at the old Ballater Railway Station was close to the intended event centre, so current status is unclear.

Event Scotland has provided funding of £1500 for mementos for H15 to publicise Deeside 17. Suggested pens with web site address—hand out with coasters?

Dates for D17 have been chosen as 30 July – 5 August.

Logo for 2017 has not yet been designed, but recommended to have this soon for marketing, along with an event web site.

10.  6 Days 2019

AH contacted clubs in South Scotland regarding feasibility of a 6 Days in South. This received some good responses, though from individuals rather than formal club positions. Options to be followed up were discussed.  DK to make a technical assessment of the possible areas.  CM to send maps of candidate areas to DK. AP6: DK, CM

An approach will be made to other clubs in case the South Scotland proposal does not prove feasible. AP7: AH

Preferred dates would be Sun 28 July – Sat 3 Aug.  CM to register dates early to avoid a potential clash with Swiss Orienteering Week 2019.

11.  SOA Professional Officer

New LIDAR 2 data has been provided from Scottish Government, which is available for mapping. CM needs to do some editing of this.

The RSPB Capercaillie Officer has been providing support, but there are still severe restrictions on orienteering in Strathspey areas.

12.  SOA business relevant to 6-Day Company

Two new Club Development officers, one for TAY and one for MAROC, started work in February.

RDO for Inverness area also working hard in run-up to WOC/H15. RAS keen to explore ongoing funding models for RDO/CDOs, in partnership with clubs, local authorities and charitable/non-profit organisations.

There are unlikely to be changes to SOA Board at AGM.

Membership figures are very positive; 10% up on previous year, which is timely in relation to SportScotland funding cycle and SOA strategy for funding application. Hilary Quick has been asked to explore membership data to identify possible explanation for this growth.

SOA is undergoing a governance checkup, and there is confidence SOA will meet SportScotland requirements. SOA is also undergoing an HR healthcheck.

Admin officer at Glenmore Lodge tendered resignation, so plan is to focus on supporting specific admin projects rather than appoint a replacement.

BOF approached Glenmore Lodge to ask if it wished to become a badged “Orienteering Centre of Excellence”, but Glenmore declined the offer.

13.  AOB

H15 programme: agreed driving distances from event centre to day areas should be given in miles

LK will explore costing of stickers/transfers for juniors.    AP8: LK

6-Day Company Business Plan needs reviewed.  AH will review Business Plan and circulate to Board for comment.     AP9: AH

Board membership: LK and AH will be stepping down. Replacements, including new chair, required. LK has started to make enquiries about possible replacements. Board members are invited to consider candidates for replacement.    AP10: All

14.  Future meeting dates

30 September 2015 (including 6 Day Company AGM)

Meeting closed at 8.15pm.