1. Welcome and Apologies for absence

Apologies received from Ross Lilley.

2. Register of interests

Checked & updated.

3. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors on 27 February 2013


4. Matters arising from previous meeting

Computing training course April 13-14 RS reported that 19 people had attended on one or both days. There was a demand for a repeat.
AP1:  insurance cover for campsite/social. KM  has spoken to BOF who think we are covered for members
AP5:  risk register  AH – to be continued

5. Finance report

KM presented his report prior to the meeting and answered questions and clarified issues.
£2k has been received from Event Scotland.  Culross the Printer has gone out of business but a new firm with the same management as before will be able to print the AFSM supplement.
RS given permission to investigate rationalising the accounts for SIMs held by SOA and the 6 Day Company and to travel to study the new SI touch free punching system.  AP1 – RS
The Company resolved that Kenneth A Milton be authorised to operate Internet Banking.  AP2 – KM

6. 6 Day Event 2013 (Moray)

GE and CM presented their reports regarding the Moray 2013 event prior to the meeting. (Available on request.)

  • Entries are slightly up on Oban and are trickling in. Latest number is 2977.
  • Moray Council is making no charge for the use of Applegrove School for registration.
  • It is still not clear who is doing the start time allocation.
  • There has been little contact between the COT and Euromeeting team
  • The NTS agreement for the use of Brodie Castle is being finalised. Any surplus will go to NTS. The provision of security is being investigated.
  • The campsite is full with little possibility of expansion. Some people may have over-booked space and will be contacted.
  • Event Scotland funding is being used to upgrade the run-in with crowd control barriers  and CM is obtaining banners to fit. CM will check the quality and seek designs.  AP3 – CM
  • Number of day helpers is not known, but is up to each day. Linda Cairns has not had much response from the volunteer posters which have been distributed.
  • Leader funding: KM to contact the Moray2013 treasurer so that a claim is put in.  AP4 – KM
  • Traffic lights at Brodie? CM meeting traffic management to discuss.
  • EKOS survey will be similar to 2011. Suggested extra questions include- “charter flight for 2015? Why did you come here? Why will you come in 2015?” . CM to ask EventScotland if they have any comments. Mike Rogers will need a local questionnaire – this must be a separate survey.

7. Highland 2015

CM and RO presented reports prior to the meeting. Some items are subject to non-disclosure agreements.

  • Programme  for WOC is now agreed with IOF and areas for both WOC and 6Day are being finalised.
  • Maps are either new, requiring updating or extension. LIDAR is available
  • The lack of a replacement for Dave Peel has hampered progress in a number of areas including the BOF/6Day agreement, marketing arrangements, the activities of the steering group and arrangements for the Launch. The lack of replacement for the IT and the marketing directors is also not helping progress.
  • UHI is confirmed as the event centre and should be able to provide camping space, but not accommodation for teams.
  • We will go ahead with a launch on Day4 of Moray where details of the 6Day and some of WOC can be released.
  • The budget is still showing a thirty to forty thousand pound deficit and work needs to be done to reduce expenditure and seek further income.
  • Club allocations for the 6day will be done by the COT. RO is to contact INVOC.  AP5 – RO

8. A Few Surplus Maps

Production of supplement is in hand but not many ordered. It was agreed that we should print 750 copies as previously agreed. SEDs will be asked if they would sell them during the Moray week in return for a donation.

9. 6 Days 2017

This will be Deeside – MAROC and Interlopers will be the lead clubs and Jon Musgrave has agreed to be coordinator.
We need to review COT remits – we will ask this year’s officials. There is a suggestion that the COT can become unwieldy and a steering group could be better. Job descriptions have changed so we need a radical rewrite. There are advantages and disadvantages of detailed lists, which, although helpful, could become prescriptive, restrictive and inflexible.  AP6 – LK

10. Professional Officer

Nothing to report

11. SOA Business relevant to 6-Day Company

A paper was presented by RAS. (Available on request.)
Additional points:

  • SOA as a charity has asked Cameron McNeish, Karen Darke and Jamie Stevenson to become patrons.
  • Forestry Commission is being very supportive of Moray2013 and there will be no charge. Nothing has been agreed for clubs yet but there are on-going discussions. Following problems at Aberfoyle, on the day contacts will be clarified.

12. Any Other Business

Lynne Walker is going to South Africa to do some coaching. She will also talk to organisers of their Big5 event and has asked if they can be given copies of our Manuals. This was agreed and LK will send updated copies.  AP7 – LK
A request from SEDS for a loan to help with fundraising by selling jigsaws and postcards at Moray2013 was received and will be discussed by email.  AP8 – CE

13. Future Meetings

25th September 2013. LK agreed to take minutes
20th November 2013

Meeting closed 9:15pm.