2. Register of Interests

Checked & Updated. CM added.

3. Approval of Minutes of Meeting of Directors on 3 February 2011

Approved by email prior to meeting.

4. Matters arising from the minutes on 3 February 2011 not covered elsewhere in the agenda

Photos still needed by Paul Frost for the Oban 2011 webpages.
Health & Safety Manual.  Done.
Andrew Dalgleish is looking at radio controls.
AP1: Day 2 change (Elite Middle Distance) – MS hasn’t done so DK will do instead.
AP2: Filming.  No Progress but RO suggested using other sources instead – looks the same to non-orienteers and would be cheaper.  Meantime LW will produce a CD with various bits of interest and give a copy to all Directors and Colin. RL will continue to ask round – maybe using someone with a good digital camera and some time at Oban.  Build up with aim of having a good CD for Moray 2013.
Lack of council staff authority to give in-kind, RL is hoping to progress next week.
AP3: Penalty for non-finishers proposed as Maximum number of entries + 10%, rounded up to nearest 10. This still lets people earn badges without having to radically change the badge system.  RS to send info to Oban website.
BOF levy applies to each day as separate entities.
AP4: Event safety workshop, not compulsory but advisory.  HQ trying to organiser one in central belt via John Emeleus, but LK will keep any eye on progress.
AP5: LW will approach Ewan McCarthy as replacement for MS.

5. Oban 2011

Entries at 2800 is above the same time for Tay 2009.  Donald Petrie has taken over Day Co-ordinator just in time.

Issues: holes appearing in access arrangements but most being resolved quickly.  Some landowners changing things without warning.  Cattle in the competition area proving a problem on some days.  Day 4 wants disinfectant mats due to biosecurity between farms during the week. Already doing on Day 1 as this is when people arrive.
CM, RL, DP, Stewart Durham: liasing at the moment on equipment needs. Fencing contractor will do new fences, fence droppings. Farmers own preferred people doing other works.
Maybe have to pay for commentary as our options are reducing. Mike Edwards has volunteered, for payment of his entries. Commentary box ordered.  Brian Bullen has Ted Finch helping Day 3 regarding big screen.
CM has renamed most of the fields and produced a definitive list so that everyone uses the same terminology.
AP6: Visitor survey required by Event Survey – CM will tweak the questions, liaising with Anne Hickling on this.
First Aid proving slightly difficult to sort out.
Day 5 have changed parking fields to ones nearer campsite, for payment to crofter.  A bit small but all people will walk the 2km to event assembly area.
Control descriptions: how they are printed still being decided. Course closing times should be on them (weren’t in 2009).
Daily newsletter problem as Printer can’t meet the deadlines. Investigating hiring an industrial copier.

Funds available (EventScotland and Leader funding) to buy 6 tents. Probably need to go for cheaper – buying expensive might not pay off, rotting over the winters.  6x4m.
Numbers: Lots of Swedes coming, and Swiss O week doesn’t seem to have had a huge effect.
AP7: Parking:  JK used a 16m canes system.  LW will check her garage for ropes to give to Car Parking teams to measure 16m.
Programme: Patrick Walder needs to get organised and also needs guidance as to what goes on the A3 sheet.

RO: budget calculated at 3200 competitors giving small surplus which should cover club distribution. Camping costs quite high but we’re paying landowners more than we might have. Question raised again of the high financial and time costs of providing the campsite.  Low numbers this year.
AP8: Another cost might be re-seeding of fields if we trash them. Should we be looking at insurance against this cost?  The 2012 JK is looking at insurance, so CM will enquire for Oban too.

Hospitality:  Day 1 with Event Scotland, and local councillor for prizegiving on Day 6.
AP9: In return for us lending BOC some SI units they have offered “in kind” help at Oban. (Martin Ward).  RL will tell DP, who will always be looking for extra helpers.
Rest day activities include sprintO and bikeO, golf tournament.

6. Finance

Report received.  2 year agreement 2011/2012 renewed with SOA regarding CM salary.
AP10: Stakes:  RO has prototype.  SI box won’t fit as bolts need countersunk – RS will send RO an old SI box to assist the modification. Club Survey – 6 positive replies. RO to order 600.  Clubs will need to do a bit of work swapping pin punches from current ones. USA manufacturer of the one we used would merely like acknowledgement, not money. Agreed that we put the plans on the website so that clubs can copy.  £12.56 unit cost.
AP11: CM and LK to liaise over small sticky labels for top of stakes to mention “orienteering”:  15mm x 50mm maximum.

Squad funding
SEDS look to be forging ahead with their own plans for putting on events.  SOA position not clear but may be pursuing charity status so that they can look at other funding.  Majority of grants seems to need organisations to be charities.
Options: 6Day could pay an SOA levy which we don’t at the moment. But not for Oban as we’ve already sorted budget.
Juniors could help at 6-days but invariably adults would need to be involved, and both are already helping on their club day.  Important that clubs continue to get a share, which they may decide to give to their juniors. ScotJos has suggested we give them the club shares, rather than to clubs.
Whole debate inconclusive.  ScotJos could maybe do the merchandising. Annual running cost of Scotjos?  see Maureens’ report.
6-Day shouldn’t be funding squads, but we could delegate some aspect.
AP12: LW ask Maureen regarding suggestions – e.g. merchandising split profit.  String course help. Or something else – Maze/sprint.

7. Moray 2013

The 2013 team have been refused access to Dallachyle and Cawdor but Cawdor Estates have proposed 2 other areas. Achagour (parts of old areas Kepernach and Belivat) and Loch of Boath (part of old Clunas map plus new bits).  Both areas look very promising.  Other 4 areas are Darnaway, Roseisle, Culbin, Lossie.
Event Centre: Kinloss definitely out.  A few other options being looked at, including a former distillery. Would make a good campsite, secluded, lots of buildings.  5 miles from Elgin. Owners are keen to be involved.

Have spoken to Moray Council about promoting 2013 event at Oban.  Care about funding applications as some areas are actually in Highland.
Start has been made on website.

The 2011 Questionnaire could ask “non elites” if they want other distances rather than all classic.
AP6: AH and CM to work together to draw up a few O type questions for the 2011 visitor questionnaire.
2013 team can decide what days the elites do what – e.g. Middle.

£46k gained this year from grants but not guaranteed for future so we may not be able to keep up the enhancements.
AP13: CM will speak to Event Scotland to see if they can give an indication of continued support. RL also suggested we mention that having lots of innovations is proving difficult.
The two new areas to map are in Highland.  Leader funding will be applied for.

COT slowly coming together with George Esson still at the helm. No campsite manager yet, surprise.  COT haven’t met yet.  Tay 2009 had lots of bodies so some roles may be able to be combined to reduce number. eg Campsite Bookings and Campsite Manager.
Logo has lost its graduated colours to make it easier to produce on maps and merchandise.

8. WOC 2015

Jenny Downs (EventScotland), Dave Peel (BOF), CM were the main team taking IOF rep. round the proposed WOC venues.  Most things to clarify were Event Scotland items.  CM/DP mainly working on access.  CM meeting with Brian Porteous (on IOF Board) soon.
Accommodation area checked out, which isn’t yet built. Presentations by D Grassie, Dave P, CM for 6 Day. CM felt they connected well.
If we’re successful it’ll increase numbers at Moray 2013 and other events in the lead up.

9. Professional Officer

JK2012: BOF require the SOA to sign an Agreement but CM changed the wording to be less prescriptive, and BOF have now agreed that it can be signed off.
Clubs for the 4 days have been identified, 6-Day model will be used.  So far only CM on the team.
Dunalastair will be remapped.
CM will promote it at Oban with postcards or similar.  Potential event centre in Dunkeld Drill Hall.

HQ attending a course 18/5 regarding new PVG training.  OK for existing club signatories to sign off forms. Clubs need to apply for forms as and when required.

10. SOA

No report.

11. A Few Surplus maps

LW and others have been taking it round events trying to encourage orders.  All very encouraging when people see it close up.  Can be bought online via PayPal.
There’s been a financial confusion over the funding and we probably won’t recover all the set-up costs.  Selling 750 would cover all expenses but we want to keep some for our own purposes.
Will the SOA pay anything towards it?  DG hasn’t replied to RO or LW although it was originally to be a Scottish Orienteering project.  However, due to lack of SOA funds, this now looks unlikely.  How many copies does the 6-Day want to keep for ourselves?  Agreed 20.  John Colls has volunteered to cover any deficit on the printing costs £2000+
Taking this forward – we need to decide what happens when 480 sold.
AP14: LW will speak to JC and DG.  We require payment upfront for the 250 (i.e. the cost of printing difference between 500 copies and 750 copies) and we’ll reimburse if/when the last 250 is sold.

12. Any other Business

AP15: Next meeting September 2011:  LW is standing down from the Board, AH has agreed to be Chair.  LW has a replacement in mind and will ask them, after consulting AH.  Don’t fix other dates until we find replacement directors.
AP16: Equipment Manual – LW will ask Stewart to put it on Huddle.
AP17: RO is stepping down from Board when a replacement is found.  Kenny Milton/Alastair Dunlop??  RO to approach.
23-24 September 2011: BOF Major Events conference in Leicester. LW is doing a presentation.

The meeting closed 9:30pm

Dates for next meetings
Tuesday 27th September 2011 (minutes RL). The Ethos document and Business Plan will be reviewed at this meeting.  Dave Kershaw tendered his apologies in advance.

December 2011 / January 2012 (to be confirmed)