1. Apologies for absence.

Anne Hickling, Robin Orr and Donald Grassie.

2. Register of interests – check & update.

Register passed round, updated and signed by all present.

3. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors on 10th February 2009.

Minutes were approved; the correction notified by Gareth had already been implemented.

4. Matters arising from the minutes of 10th February 2009.


5. Scoring system (MS)

• Feedback / Programme / ‘Badge’ calculation / Decisions regarding a draw etc.
LW circulated documents prior to the meeting and there were no new comments to address.  MS drafting piece for programme and will go this week.
Board were happy with proposal for badge calculation.  Dave Nicol/Andrew Leaney coding it into AutoDownload (SI).

Tie Break – best results in 4 counting races to determine winner of tie.  MS to check previous results to see if this helps.  4 lowest scores means 4 best scores – to avoid confusion.
No objections to ties apart from problem with prizes (Murray to send estimate to Gareth about previous ties if we use this system).
Scoring system to be put into feedback questionnaire (which is mainly concentrating on an economic impact study).

6. Tay 2009 (GBJ & SF & LW)

• Entries to April 2009; relationship to previous 6-Day events
Numbers are down on Spey, more so among adults than juniors (entries higher this year).
Revamp of budget – reduced figure 2008 for Professional Officer costs.
Higher mapping costs this year compared to previous events as more new areas have been mapped (or total remap of some areas).

• ‘Day Official’ jackets / vests (LK)
LK circulated document prior to meeting detailing various marshal vests.
Board were in favour of the purchasing of Blue vests (18 for £78.75) but that it was down to the day officials whether they wanted to wear them or not.  LK to question Robin Orr about finance side.

• Other matters for the Board to consider
GBJ reported on the main points arising from the most central organisation meeting:
– Do we insure toilets?  Decision by Board was to not insure them.
– Dalrulzion controlling running late – possibly delay map printing.
– Should we provide a disabled toilet?  Decision by board was to not provide disabled toilet unless someone requests a special car parking spot in which case the decision would be re-considered.
– Day 5 official event licence and SNH approval granted.
– Campsite: Tayside Fire & Rescue guidelines excessive. SF working to resolve the issue and provide the required documents: Fire Safety Policy, Emergency Fire Plan, Fire Safety information and training.
– List of roles by each coordinator produced by GBJ which will be circulated to board for info.

7. 2011 – Oban area (RL & SF & RO)

• Progress regarding areas (Access / Permission / Transport logistics)
Ross circulated a report on Oban 2011 and talked about the main points from this:
– Day 1 – Dunstaffnage and Dunollie.  Parking problem in that planning permission for a new building in potential car parking fields had not yet been decided.
– Day 2 – Creag Mhic – parking issue if it rains.
– Day 3 – Ardnaskie – parking issue if it rains.
– Day 4 – Fersit.  FC no concrete plans regarding felling.  Bit of a tourist day out after rest day.
– Day 5 – Torinturk .  Similar to Creag Mhic, new map.
– Day 6 – Ardchatten.
RL + SF to do written formal applications to landowners by Autumn 2009.  SF to send copies of Tay 09 letters to RL.
Initial contact made to police and roads department regarding travel directions but no formal response has been made.

• Event Centre
Benderloch (series of campsites).  Yet to approach council for school and community hall.

• Logo & publicity
Copyright now on event logo. Paul Frost designed advert for 2009 Programme as well as having the website up and running.
SF/PF to source car stickers.
Decision made to name the event Oban 2011.

• Central Organising Team – progress.
Computing – suggestion from LW and AD to try and get someone in before TAY 2009 to look, learn and get experience.
Board requested training areas need to be expanded and a good variety is desired.
MS asked about the sprint race suggesting that it could be a more prominent factor in 2 years time.  RL apprehensive about using Oban in the centre of tourist season.  Further investigation needed

8. Finance report (RO)

RO circulated documents prior to meeting which reported that the new entry system using Fabian4 has worked well from a financial perspective

9. Website matters (AD)

AD presented website hits using GoogleAnalytics which showed most hits on the entries and terrain page – ~230/day during peak time.
AD discussed proposal for new (reconditioned) laptops, 4 or 5 in total.  Board agreed in principle and AD to take it to Robin Strain (Financial Manager) to discuss further/draw up a spec.

10. Merchandising (LW)

Board discussed whether merchandising should be kept in house.  Majority agreed that it should be kept in house for the time being due to the £5k in profit being made but that we shouldn’t rule out in the future.
LW suggested Oban 2011 should be looking to offer sales pre-event possibly using an online shopping system.  AD discussed online shop has many advantages in that we could also accommodate our own entry system
RL to approach Dave Bleazard (EckO club member) to discuss possibilities for Oban 2011.

11. 6 Day Event 2013 (SF & LW)

• Location & Co-ordinator
Board agreed with proposal of Moray coast for the 2013 6Days.
Various potential coordinators were discussed and would look to appoint one in September 2009.
SF to approach MOR/GRAMP for any suggestions.
MOR/INVOC?/GRAMP highlighted as potential main organising clubs

12. 6 Day Event 2015 (SF & LW)

• 20th 6 Day Event since beginning in 1977
Board agreed that some sort of ‘celebration’ was required for this event.

• Possible locations
Board discussed various possibilities including North Perthshire, Southern Scotland and N & W of Inverness.  GBJ raised the Capercaillie problem in North Perthshire and LK discussed lack of potential areas in Southern Scotland.
Further investigation required.

13. Report on meeting between Scottish Orienteering & British Orienteering (LW & SF)

• Embargoes (note attached)
BO didn’t discuss embargo paper at latest board meeting due to time constraints. Clubs were becoming anxious about 6Day in their area due to current embargo situation reducing orienteering development/participation in their area for 12 months before the 6Day event.
BO wondered about 6Days being a Level 1 event.  Board discussed various issues with this including the embargo period this brings with it (24 months) and the impact of having a Grade 1 controller.  LK suggested we should avoid anything that will harm our event and cause more work.
Board were in agreement that the 6Days didn’t need a Level 1 event.

14. Way forward for the Scottish Orienteering 6-Day Event Company (LW, DG & SF)

• Paper attached for discussion
LW circulated paper in advance of meeting.
Board were generally supportive of the ambitious strategy in the SOA Plan.
The consensus was for the 6Day Company to retain its autonomy and stay separate.
Various issues were highlighted such as volunteer efforts being over-stretched between 6Day and major events.
The board agreed to contribute to the PWT race initially and appointed AD to be the link Director to this event.
It was also highlighted that the 6Day would potentially be interested in partnership if a World Champs were to run alongside a 6Day and also that they will continue to strive for WRE status in future years.  The other events in the strategy don’t fit into main business of the 6Day Company.
AD wondered about the potential of bidding for a World Masters and whether this would still get support from Event Scotland.

15. Professional Officer business (SF)

Most business already discussed through dealings with SNH, Landmarc, Police, Roads Dept and Fire & Rescue.
SF reported the increasing amount of red tape the event had to face but that the hard work being done now will benefit in the future.  JE commented that things change from year to year so be prepared for new challenges in the future.

16. Any other business

David May (Coordinator for Croeso 2012) asked whether he could see and adapt our ‘manual for their event.  Board were happy but the individual who produced the documents should be asked (Dave Coustick, Steve Nicholson and GBJ)

17. Next meeting

• Date / Location / Minutes.
September time (Tay 2009 Officials debrief likely to be 19th Sept) TBC – probably last week of month.
• AGM – we previously decided that this was no longer necessary and the Shareholders were happy?
Invitation to shareholders to next meeting.