1. Welcome & apologies for absence

Apologies: Richard Oxlade (RO), Roger Scrutton (RAS)

2. Register of interests

Circulated and completed.

3. AGM.

Chairman’s Report (AH):
Report previously circulated, report can be read here.

  • There has been support from Event Scotland for 6 Day events since 2007, as well as for WOC and RtC. We need to be wary of becoming dependent on this funding.  What can we do to keep the relationship going?
  • A review of the business plan is needed to consider the future of the event post-2015.
  • Volunteers: we’re gradually using more professional help, it is necessary to consider how this should be funded if not through increased entry fees.

Finance Report (KM):

Approved.  To be filed with Companies House by 30/11/2014.

4. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors on 10th September 2014

Previously circulated – approved.

5. Matters arising from the minutes of 10th September 2014

(and not covered elsewhere in the agenda below).

AP3: event insurance: nothing to add, KM hasn’t heard from Mike Hamilton recently. Directors are covered for civil insurance under the SOA insurance which covers Directors in office.

AP4: 6 Day archive: AH spoke to Simon Firth, who had offered to scan the material, but he is not able to work on this for some time.  In the meantime AH will review the documents to consider what needs to be retained.

Minute Secretary: LK has spoken to 2 people, declined. LK to ask D Sloan for ideas for another volunteer from TAY. AP1:  LK

6. Finance report

Bank balance is currently low owing to advances to Highland 2015.

No progress on Risk Register due to time spent on finishing the Accounts.

6 day mapping fund – 4 applications totalling £6k have been approved but not paid out yet.

7. Information Leaflet and video

RL produced a draft leaflet for giving out to local businesses, community groups, landowners etc describing what the 6Days is about, benefits to local economy etc. To be used to promote community awareness, source sponsorship/prizes/programme advertising. AH to discuss with RAS whether Mike Rodgers and Johannes Felter can help distribute this. All to pass suggestions for improvements to the draft to RL. AP2:  RL,AH

8. Highland 2015

Reports from RO and CM already circulated.


Access for dogs: Keppernach & Darnaway OK, Affric and Strathfarrar tbc.
Strathfarrar: Issues with the tenant in the south of the area have been resolved. Bracken harvesting to be discussed (for compost).
Darnaway: no issues.
Affric: no issues.

CM is relatively comfortable with all access issues at the moment. Hope to have answer on dogs before entries open on 1 December.

Mapping, Planning, Controlling:

Keppernach, Darnaway, Strathfarrar plans all well advanced but less info from Affric. No progress on training areas. No training co-ordinator yet; decision needed on offering coaching too. CM to check with Steve Smirthwaite what take-up was in 2013.

Day co-ordination/arenas etc:

Initial meeting held with Richard Pearson (new WOC arena manager) this afternoon. There is still a lot of work needed to ensure effective joint working with the WOC side.  Work to be done too on infrastructure requirements and securing a contractor.

Rest Day:
(the official name of the activity day at Darnaway):

There is a lot of uncertainty about numbers attending but should be clearer by end-January.  There will be Sprint event at Forres in the morning, then the O-Fest at Darnaway which will include a variety of activities and spectating at WOC Middle race.

Event Centre:

Construction is complete and builders will be offsite by May. A major concern is that costs have not been given, this is needed urgently.


Discussion around whether we should run the campsite ourselves or use an external service which would deal with everything.  CM obtained an initial quote from Campingninja; further work needed on this and to consider what campers would be willing to pay.

The ground is quite rough and £4500 of ground preparation required (starting soon).


CM working with Dave Summers to set fees and a programme to cover all 6Days and WOC spectating.

Traders and Caterers:

In hand.


Robert Findlay is finalising the entry process on Sportident. Agreed charges: SI dibber hire £2 per day, Car parking £15 for the week, £50 pw for a coach. Bus pass for the event buses £65 for the week, no daily passes. Agreed to extend each start block if entries are large enough to warrant it.


We have agreed to sponsor one of the World of O competitions (Orienteering Achievement of the Year) with prize of free entry, O-tops and AFSM. Postcards went to WMOC, but no Facebook page yet – Ali Robertson has agreed to help with this.


Joan Noble and CM have agreed on a full programme (at UHI).

Team resources:

Still vacancies for String, Programme, Prizes, Training, Information.


Doing OK with various monies in from grants.

£20k application via Highland Council submitted by CM recently.

9. 6 Day 2017 (Royal Deeside)

Ballater will probably be the event centre. Nothing more to add at this stage. CM and Jon Musgrave have had initial discussions.

10. SOA Professional Officer

New Development Officer is in post in Inverness which might help 6-days in that area. MAROC and TAY may get paid development officers which could help 2017 participation.

11. SOA business relevant to the 6-Day Company (RAS in absentia)

SOA have been asked to do an HR audit.

Mike Hamilton is working on the insurance issue.

Hilary Quick WOC training camp role is now back with WOC hands as HQ hasn’t time available for it.

BOF are to do another review of membership structure.

There are some ongoing access problems with Forestry Commission.

6Day Co contribution to the SOA for next 2 years: IM is content to leave this unchanged from the current level. This was agreed by the Directors subsequent to the meeting.

12. Any Other Business


13. Future meeting dates

11 February 2015
13 May 2015

The meeting closed at 8:30pm