Lynne welcomed everyone, including the shareholders.  Kate Robertson is the new SOA Secretary but was unable to attend this evening.

1.  Apologies for absence

Murray Strain, John Emeleus

2.  Register of interests – check & update

Register passed round, updated and signed by all present.

3.  Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors on 19 May 2009

Minutes were approved. Proposed LK, seconded LW.

4.  Matters arising from the minutes of 19 May 2009


5.  AGM 2009

There is no need to hold an AGM but LW had circulated a Chairpersons Report.
DG thanked LW and GBJ for a tremendous job.

6.  Tay 2009

Thanks to GBJ – one of the happiest organising committees, and GBJ gave SF an excellent introduction to the 6-day.  Almost all feedback very positive.  GBJ thanked everyone for their kind comments. EKOS economic report still to be received but they advise that 4300 people in total attended – 3900 runners, 400 non-runners.  £2.5M benefit Scotland,  £2M for local area.

Finances:  Income up on pre-event expectations. Some expenditure still to be paid.  Levies: BOF merged badge and cc so they need separated first before we pay them.  (LW dealing with this).

What went well: socials, merchandising, campsite, showers, equipment team. 6-Day business plan updated by GBJ 2009-2019 is required for future grant applications.

Scoring: need to tweak scoring for non-runners. SF had positive feedback. Prizegiving quick/fair.

Commentary:  Per unhappy with lack of preciseness due to punching start but this is a big benefit to number of bodies required on Start duty.  AD suggested focussing on specific Starts in future and having radio start units (extra cost so keep miniminal).  2009 Commentary cost £5000.

AH would be interested in seeing where people came from to judge how effective the marketing was.  Road signs – in the past they have been a publicity tool but now there are standard formats.  Everyone in the Oban area should be well aware of the event when the time comes.

7.  Oban 2011

List of days:  5 as previously mentioned although access not 100%.  6th area being investigated near Benderloch rather than further afield.  If OK all days will be within 5 miles of event centre.  2 new areas plus some updates.  RL hopes to tie up all the access within 2 weeks to get Leader grant application for mapping in. Still waiting to hear from school/hall.
Logo and publicity:  logo done, website started, no real publicity but brochure next to do.
Funding: nothing required yet.  Niall Urquhart worth using for finding funding opportunities.

COT:  main bodies OK, lot of jobs can be done from outwith immediate area.  RL to circulate list of who is involved so far plus the vacancies so that Board can help. RL keen to get as many people in place soon, they can read the 2009 reports and start their role when required. GBJ will send updated project plan to RL and SF, plus all 6-day committee.
Intention to use a forum for discussions and emails for specific’s (to avoid email overload).

8.  Finance Report (RO)

Tay 2009: surplus expected thanks, in part, to sponsorship.  Increasing expenditure but we need to know that income from sponsorship/grants is secured.  Need £50k minimum for next event.
Updated set of accounts to 28/2/09 minimal as it wasn’t a 6-day year.

9.  6-Day Company and SOA (DG)

DG produced a “major event” strategy paper and requested confirmation from the 6-Day Board that they would support the SOA taking the proposal further.  Event Scotland keen but SOA not set up to put on big events and he doesn’t want to see a 3rd body set up to run them.  DG would envisage the same light touch from 6-day board with other events.
Summary: support for DG to take to the next stage, although concerns about losses and burnout.  DG will go back to Event Scotland and ask for help with these areas.

PWT 2010: Committee and many volunteers in place.  Some sponsorship already agreed, including one commercial company.  6-day Company had not been asked to underwrite but no other option – DG to submit the budget for formal agreement by the Board.  Agreed to give £2k start-up.

10. 6-Day Event 2013

MOR and Gramp: Have been some discussions and all seem positive, but no co-ordinator yet.
AH and SF to liaise to make up a hitlist, then approach them.  GBJ available to discuss what’s involved if people need more info.  Board agreed to ask AH to be the link Director – agreed by AH.

11. 6 Day Event 2015

Areas would need to be considered in conjunction with SOA plans for large events.
Blair Atholl (North Perthshire) and West of Inverness are two suggestions so far.

12. Professional Officer Business

Most of SF report already discussed. Tay and 2011 and 2013, PWT.

13. Any other business

DG: UK Border Agency for sportspeople.  Sports Governing body in UK has to apply for the visas.  DG will raise this with BOF and ask them to take responsibility and work out mechanism. 5 from Ukraine and 3 from Moldova who could not get visas for Tay 2009.  The same athletes obtained visas for Norway or Sweden using the same letter wording to support their application. Also impacts on JK,  Lakes 5 etc.

DG: John Colls has offered to do a 6-day history.
AH: suggest we revisit Business Plan at next meeting.
LW: will look at updating remits for Central Organising Committee to help potential 2011 posts.

Next meeting: Tues 12/1/2010, agree rest of 2010 meetings at that time. Minutes by AH, Venue: RO.