1. Welcome & apologies for absence.

Apologies: George Esson, Kenny Milton, Roger Scrutton

GE has said that he does not wish to continue attending Board meetings following completion of Moray2013.

AP1 AH to write to him expressing the Board’s thanks for his contribution to a very successful event.

2. Register of interests – check & update.

Circulated and completed

3. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors on 25 September 2013.

Approved. View them

4. Matters arising from the minutes of 25 September (and not covered in the agenda below).

  • AP1: COT remits (LK)
    Working on them. AP2. Carried forward
  • AP2: Computing equipment valuations (RS)
    RS in touch with Kenny and they are working on it. AP3. Carried forward
  • AP3: AFSM & Paypal account (AH,KM)
    AP4. AH/KM Intention to get a discount deal on website in preparation for Christmas period.
  • AP6: refunds to Moray helpers (GE)
    GE had around half a dozen seeking a refund. All were justified
  • AP7: update Organisers Manual re water (LK)
    AP5. LK has it in hand. Part of update on how work is divided between equipment team remit and hired contractors.
  • AP8: ‘N’ (RS)
    Robin’s proposal was approved
  • AP9: Information leaflet and video (RL,AH)
    AP6. RL to carry forward. Video needs a better brief and re-worked perhaps with other footage of the event as a whole, aerials etc. Needs to show a story e.g. starts, competing, finishing. AP7: RL to pursue with Jonathon Hootton.
  • AP12: MOR maps
    No royalty payments for 2015.

5. Finance report

No issues raised

6. Moray 2013

  • Coordinators report: Provided written report in absentia.
  • Financial outcome
    Query re: Payment to clubs for hire of their S.I. kit for 2013? Itemised in budget but not paid to clubs yet. AP8. AH to follow up with Kevin.
  • Use of surplus
  1. Propose investing £10K into SOA development fund ring fenced for club mapping to further 6Day ethos on developing orienteering throughout Scotland.
  2. AP9. AH to discuss with RAS.
  3. 2015 clothing: Agree all helpers, whether WOC or 6Day, to be offered branded clothing. Most popular merchandise item at 2013 was the technical top. All agreed 1 top or uniform per person whether they be a WOC or 6 Day volunteer. Suggestion that Gilet type top would be best as can be worn over wearer’s preferred choice of clothing on the day. Propose committing circa £5-10K to this. AP10. RO to discuss with Linda Cairns.
  4. A set of National flags e.g. to disperse with 6Day banners on run in. Propose £2.5K.
  5. AP11. Colin to investigate
  6. Signage – need better quality signs, consistent style and content. Current signs need audited.
    AP12. RO to speak to Margaret (Day Co-ordinator) and Les (Equipment co-ordinator) to investigate, cost and return with proposal. Propose £1-2K
  • Entry fees. Discussion that proposed extra £1 increase per entry could be re-couped by charging a separate parking fee per day. So cost of parking put on people with cars and might encourage more to share or use bus service.
  • Other lessons from Moray 2015? Nearly all the reports are in and there are good lessons to learn.
    AP13. RO to consider COT members’ delegated authority particularly in relation to budget headings and their relationship with the Professional officer.
  • EKOS report. Complete. Positive. Economic benefit to Scotland from overall event considerably higher than Oban 2011. Proved difficult to tease out regional benefit to Moray/Nairn.

7. Highland 2015 (RO,CM)


Re: 6Day/WOC timings on days both share same forest: All endorsed RO’s suggested overlap of around 2 hours. Means most 6day participants finishing in time to attend at least one mass start on the relay day. Propose a WOC spectator start block that participants can request on understanding that this might put them outside their club start block.

Proposal for Inverness Urban and Open Sprint (on the WOC course after mixed relay) on Saturday 1 August. A good way of showcasing orienteering in the centre of Inverness. Who to organise it? Needs clear role and not be a drain on other organisers. Need to outsource it but bring income in and be accountable to 6Days e.g. tender it out to an event company? AP14. RO to look into who to delegate to and accountability etc.

Model Long distance. Propose to map Rogie and Achilty for this. Needs to be costed in order to find a budget.

Green light received from IOF to publicise areas and dates. Needs to be on IOF/WOC website first.

AP15. RO to arrange for COT to inform clubs and progress recruitment of officials for each day.

Areas: as per CM’s report:

Keppernach – OK

Strathfarrar – OK. Parking field managed through Strutt and Parker. Need to meet with grazing tenant to ensure field is still in grass in 2015 rather than another crop.

Bridge is still a major issue. Still to decide how it is to be funded.

Darnaway – Very positive meetings with landowners.

All agreed Day 3 (WOC relay day) event will be middle distance.

Affric – FCS slow to respond. No issues with landowner. A bridge is needed and landowner wants a permanent structure. Event Scotland might be amenable to including part cost of bridges within the event enhancement fund.

Need a standard land owner agreement checklist with suggested clauses that can be tailored according to what suits the relationship with the landowner.

AP16. Colin to review and update the document used for Moray 2013

Mapping and Printing.

Mapping in hand.

Printing : Propose to use Steve Barratt as a mapping/printing co-ordinator on contract.

6Day/WOC agreement – still waiting on input from BOF. Not likely until budgets agreed.

Limelight: Need to decide how we are going to use them and how to share with WOC. Inevitably need 2 teams – one for 6Days and one for WOC which will mean 2 budgets. Should be less travel as 2 days with shared arenas and 2 areas being used on 2 days each.

Equipment team. Co-ordinator (Les) in place. Needs manpower.

Rest Day: Trying to make it a big event. So needs someone to manage it. Preferably not resourced from Scottish Clubs except somebody local to run it e.g. from Invoc.

Day Officials: Asking generally for planners and assistant co-ordinators. Day organisers need to be from specific allocated clubs.

Event Centre: Following CM, AH and RO recent site visit, the proposal is to use UHI campus for all event centre/campsite facility. Will include meeting rooms, lecture theatre, atrium (for registration/info etc) with traders outside entrance to atrium. Has lovely landscaping around. Campsite area is a bit exposed/rough and not currently very attractive but grounds can be improved between now and 2015. Whole campus has potential to build a festival atmosphere. Good area for folk to get busses to/from competition areas.

Budget: Been updated with actuals etc. Bottom line at 4200 competitors with £1.50 extra entry fee it comes in £40K surplus. Still too light for current budget risks. Needs another circa £30K to be safe e.g. to cover WOC shortfall, bridges and event enhancements.

Event Scotland enhancements proposals

Current list is:

Large screen X 4 days = £9K

Solar signs/LED display = £?

Promotional video + live screen

Production services


Timing system hire

Total circa: £40K

Additional proposal was made for results screens – RS estimated £10K plus Marquee to hold them.

All agreed that event enhancements should be capped at £20K rather than £40K. This should cover results screens, commentary, big screen and promotional video. All could come under £25K Event Scotland funding.

Propose only one screen which is mostly dedicated to WOC but potential for 6 day use when assembly areas shared or days when WOC not using it.

Event Scotland event enhancement budget does not have to be for new things at each event. It can be used to cover enhancements over and above what would normally be expected at Scottish Orienteering events.


Needs energised as EKOS report suggested 2013 participants didn’t know much about the WOC.

8. 6 Days 2017 (AH)


30th July – 5th August. But wouldn’t get into Balmoral if we wanted to use that area. Could move it forward a week but risk clashing with O-ringen. Agreed to stick with regular week.

AP17. AH to report back to Jon Musgrave.


OK for one middle distance day. 6Day Co. need to be persuaded on having 2 X middle distance days.

9. SOA Professional Officer (CM)

Any further business relevant to the 6-Day Company

Lidar: SEPA advised CM not to use Lidar data gained from local authorities as this was captured for flood prevention purposes only. CM continuing to challenge this.

10. SOA Business relevant to 6-Day Company (RAS)

Roger’s report circulated

11. Any other business


12. Future meeting dates

12 February 2014

7 May 2014 to be confirmed