1. Welcome & apologies for absence.

Apologies – Ewan McCarthy (EM), Kevin Reynard (KR)

TO’B was welcomed to his first meeting as co-ordinator of Strathearn 2019.

SL (Chief Operating Officer – Scottish Orienteering) was welcomed to the meeting as an observer.

2. Register of interests – check & update.

All present checked and signed the register of interests.

3. AGM 2017

Chairman’s Report (DK)

DK had previously circulated the Chairman’s report, which was accepted without comment.

Finance Report (KM)

The company accounts had previously been circulated to the Board. KM had advised that these had been prepared for the year to 28 February 2017, were unaudited and were due to be filed at Companies House by 30 November 2017.

KR noted that we are required to adopt FRS 105 for the first time this year. This has had a number of presentational changes, but nothing of substance as we still qualify as a “Micro-entity” under the UK Companies Act 2006 so can file a reduced version omitting the P&L account and the Directors’ Report.

The accounts have been prepared adding a note on going concern, amending the turnover policy for clarity and including Note 13 as we have held a material subsequent event i.e. Deeside 2017.

As we did not hold an event during the year, most of the revenues and costs are held in the balance sheet and deferred until 2017/18.  The exceptions to this are costs incurred in running the Company that do not relate to the 6 Day event itself, small amounts of income received that do not relate to the 2017 event and our share of costs for the professional officer which are a contractual obligation and should be expensed as they fall due each quarter.

The accounts were approved. (Action: KR)

4. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors on 10th May 2017


5. Matters arising from the minutes of 10th May (not covered in the agenda below)

As no further comments had been raised on the business plan, DK will write a foreword for the plan. (Action: DK)

6. Finance report (KR)

Nothing specific was raised on the finance report submitted by KR except comments relating to Deeside 2017 (covered below).

7. Royal Deeside 2017

Feedback from the event was shared from the feedback survey.

There were good comments on the technical excellence of courses and the quality of areas. There was good praise also for the quality of the merchandise and the efficiency of the COT.

JM discussed the finances of the event and noted that there is likely to be a small surplus from the event prior to any possible return to clubs for time and work incurred. The Board need to consider what if any distribution to clubs was to be made.

CM reported on the highlights from his report on organisational challenges, comments from Limelight on the marquee tents, car parking charges and access agreements. Event Scotland (ES) monies were used to enhance the event. CM is liaising with ES on future events. Some issues were encountered in 4G/3G coverage. Daily reports were well received. The percentage of juniors was lower than CM had anticipated.

CM is processing the British Orienteering (BO) levy through Maroc accounts. It was noted that the event has a 50% discount agreed with BO.

CM is still to finalise his report to ES which is to include Sarah Dunn’s post event survey info.

A suggestion was made to investigate the 6 day Company taking out club status to allow the Company to register the 6 day events.

Sarah Dunn’s survey was discussed in terms of compliance with ES criteria, and how we deal with some comments which could be addressed to help look after the 6 day company reputation.

A discussion took place on the distribution of surplus (if any). This covered various possibilities with one suggestion being, given the likely low level of surplus, to pay any surplus to a development fund rather than as a club distribution. DK to draft a letter to clubs to warn on the potential lack of direct award to each club given the small nature of potential profits. (Action: DK)

8. Strathearn 28th July to Sat 3rd 2019

CM shared a report on progress for Strathearn 2019. A number of potential areas have been explored, and landowners identified. The number of new areas will impact on mapping costs. Publicity car stickers were distributed at Deeside 2017.

Stag will register the events.

No areas would be able to have shared arenas which would be disappointing if this ends up as an increased workload for helpers. Six areas have been identified with an anticipated programme currently (though permissions were proving difficult):

Day 1: Edenkip – this has an access issue with crossing the main road from the car park to the arena (though within the 30mph zone).

Day 2: Auchengarrich

Day 3: Dundurn (access across the golf course)

Day 4: Monzie

Day 5: Grandtully

Day 6: Craig a Barns with access via Rotmell Farm

The event centre could be Comrie Croft, Crieff or Cultybraggan. It has been suggested that Comrie Croft could host the campsite.

Perth and Kinross Council are keen to see how they can help as we are a good match to their priorities in terms of events.

There was a discussion on a sprint race on the rest day and how this is dealt with in the future. This will be considered further by the next six day event committee.

Stock in fields was raised as an issue for this event.

Trevor Hoey and Louise Longhurst have joined the provisional organising committee and FVO and other club’s members are starting to take up the key roles. TO’B provided a full list for circulation to the committee post meeting.

From the previous event, Rob Lee has expressed a strong opinion that the entry coordinator task would be better subdivided or split.

A meeting to progress the event will be held in November. CE will attend on behalf of the 6 day company.

9. 2021 Six Day Event

It was noted that at the last meeting the possibility of an event centred in the west (e.g. Fort William) was discussed. This will be considered further at future meetings.

10. Scottish Orienteering Events Manager

CM’s report was covered in the 2017 and 2019 reports above.

11. Scottish Orienteering business relevant to 6-Day Company

RAS gave an overview of his report on relevant business.

Johannes Felter has resigned to concentrate on his freelance mountaineering work.

SportScotland targets and our relationship with British Orienteering was discussed.

RAS advised that GB may bid for the WOC sprint 2022 with a provisional location of Edinburgh.

12. AOB

JM raised SI and entries and commented that there may be some value in tying them up for a longer term. He also noted that in respect of event merchandise it may be worth adopting an on line shop approach rather than the method used at Deeside.

JM noted that we could collate better the event data for entries to better understand the patterns of entry and help forecast final numbers.

RS noted that there had been a few comments on the scoring system. This will be discussed further at the next meeting.

RS stated there was some issues with the hardware and he will investigate this further but it is likely that there will be a need for hardware replacement.

RS commented on showing results on display boards as paper displays and noted that WiFi results had had some bandwidth issues.

DK thanked RL for his many years of work on the Board (and for his previous work as co-ordinator for 2011) as he was standing down after the meeting.

13. Future meeting dates

Wednesday 6th December 2017.

Meeting closed at 8.15pm