1. Welcome & apologies for absence.

Apologies – Ewan McCarthy (EM), David Sloan (DS),

2. Register of interests – check & update.

All present checked and signed the register of interests.

3. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors on 7th December 2016


4. Matters arising from the minutes of 21 September (not covered in the agenda below)

Two laptops require to be replaced as they are now obsolete. The estimated cost to replace these is between £500 and £600 and this was approved. NB SOA laptops (6) may need similar treatment and these need to be considered by contacting the clubs that have them, as all will be needed for Deeside 2017. (Action: CM)

Ross Lilley raised an issue that his club had with SI units requiring replacement to batteries and software updates.

5. Finance report

KR presented his finance report noting the current amount held in the account including the advance made to Deeside 2017 to cover initial expenditure prior to the receipt of entry fees.

KR outlined his understanding regarding the Company’s policy in respect of financial reserves and the anticipated financial expenditure over a two year cycle. The last 6 months of the two year cycle are financially sound as entry fees will by then have overtaken expenditure and so reserves would only be required to cover late cancellation. KR outlined that the current reserves were held at a level which is appropriate to cover our major financial commitments regarding ‘in advance’ mapping costs and the professional officer contribution to the SOA.

A report was presented to the Board by KR outlining his recommendations in respect of reserves. He also provided drafwording to be added to the Business plan. (KR to confirm to CM)

ACTION: KR to find and email the expense claim form (the previous Finance Director may be able to help with this).

6. Deeside 2017

JM discussed the finances of the event and noted entries to date. Based on entries to the first cut off date, we will be down on the initial estimate of 3500. The re-budget is forecast now to make a small deficit.

The biggest financial risk currently is the campsite which has had less take up than previous 6 days.

Limelight have been involved in setting budgets and developing contracts and so we should be less surprised by any large increase in Limelights costs.

Aberdeenshire Council have given support with some financial aspects of the event.

Sponsorship from Ramboll has been secured.

World ranking event status has been achieved for one of the days. NB there is a cost of approx. £230 for this.

Regular COT meetings have been held.

7. Strathearn 28th July to Sat 3rd August 2019

CM shared a report on progress for Strathearn 2019. A number of potential areas have been explored and landowners identified. The number of new areas could impact on mapping costs. The World Masters and the Swiss 5 Day Competition will overlap with the end of the proposed event week. A general overview was given of progress so far. Costs will be high due to a high number of new areas. There is the potential to use middle distance options to suit smaller areas. Areas are still to be finalised but Craig a Barns is looking positive and Grandtully is also a possibility.

Campsite and Event centre to be Comrie Croft or Crieff.

There was a discussion on stickers for distribution at 2017 to advertise the event. CM to distribute previous costs and details (For info: 6000 stickers distributed through Compasssport for a cost of £800. BADE NEWBY provided the stickers).

All to consider potential areas for 2021.

8. Strategy and Business Plan

DK will prepare a foreword for this.

RO suggested we detail some lessons learned text as good practice.

It was proposed that an executive summary should be included.

KR will email CM his comments on the financial details and policy.

Once complete CM will put the agreed version on the Company web site to replace the current online version.

RAS asked if 6 day company logo was likely to change following the Scottish orienteering logo change.

Action All: Review updated draft and send any final comments to CM.

9. SOA Events Manager

Capercaillie agreement looks like it will remain – similar to current restrictive agreement.

The LIDAR agreement was also discussed.

SNH may have some work in Glen Feshie that may benefit orienteering.

10. SOA business relevant to 6-Day Company

The Finance Director, Secretary and Development Director posts become vacant at the AGM.

The SportScotland investment announcement is imminent.

Club plus SOA membership pilot study has generated a significant uptake from the two clubs involved. Approx 35-40% of members are opting for this.

British orienteering have stated that increased membership was not a specific KPI for them but it is for SOA hence the trial of Club and SOA membership above.

British Orienteering has indicated that UKCC will be dropped. However, Scotland will continue with the same system but renamed as a Scottish system.

The possibility of an event photographer was discussed as SOA have looked at this issue more widely and have been building a better photograph library for marketing, Score and website etc. JM has been in discussions with Robert Gordon University on a placement basis to see if a student can be sourced to photograph at Deeside 2017.

11. AOB

Steph Lauer, Chief Operating Officer at SOA has asked to attend the next meeting. It was agreed that this was acceptable (Action: DK).

The event publicity leaflet needs to be printed (Action: RL)

SIAC cards (50 number) have been purchased for use and a suitable hire charge will be established that encourages their use but does not discourage people from buying.

12. Future meeting dates

Wednesday 10th May 2017.

Meeting closed at 7.50 p.m.