2. Register of Interests

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3. Approval of Minutes of Meeting of Directors on 28th September 2010

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4. Matters arising from the minutes of 28th September not covered elsewhere in the agenda

Reviewed the discussion paper prepared by RS on abuse of punching start system at Tay 2009 and agreed 2011 start operation as follows :

  • Elite runners start on timed starts
  • Other runners as per RS proposal
  • For split starts, later start has no start time allocated
  • Day organising club members have no start time allocated on their day
  • Selected COC members have no allocated start times
  • Start times printed on bib twice, normally and inverted

AP1 RL: implementation of above
AP2 (AP5 from 24th September meeting carried forward) All: Paul Frost would like photos of any aspects of the Six Day event for use on the website.

5. British Orienteering levy for Oban 2011

Mike Atherton has communicated that NWOA do not want to challenge levy increase in this case raises issues regarding currently agreed 50% refund to region.
Meeting decided to take this no further and not challenge BO levy.
AP3  All: agreed to monitor any future levy proposals for impact on 6-Day event.

6. Health and Safety Manual

Thanks expressed to LK for preparing this.
AP4 Assistant Coordinator to maintain the manual and to monitor the implementation of the manual.
AP5 RL: to pass on manual to Derek Allison, and ensure it is passed on the new Assistant Coordinator.
To comply with the demands of their insurers, British Orienteering (BO) require event officials to be trained in the new BO Event Safety Manual.  Initial training session in Edinburgh on 11th Jan 2011 with the objective of training 7 tutors to disseminate the training of event officials throughout SOA.  Thereafter a proposal to link training sessions to SOLs 1 and 2 and through a network of local clubs.  On-line training to be available sometime in the future.

7. Oban 2011 update

Derek Allison has been contracted to work for 30 days to cover the period before a new SOA Professional Officer is appointed.  RL noted the benefit of this support from DA.

Biggest risk factor for the event is the unavailability of any alternative parking in case of very wet weather.  If the weather is wet Campervan parking will be impossible except for Day 1.  Campervans cannot be catered for on the event campsite and will have to use commercial campsites.
AP6 RL: Campervans will be banned from event car parks, except on Day 1, and people who are travelling in campervans to be bussed to the events.  Information on this is to be put on entry form.  To facilitate decisions on detail of bussing, entry form to be used to collect information on which entrants are bringing Campervans, on which of 3 commercial they intend to camp and number of passengers.

AP7 RL: Once information on entrants with campervans available details of bussing to be decided and decision taken on whether to have all campervan passengers in same start block.

In view of decision to bus campervan passengers decided to make bus travel to events free (if possible, with funding sought) for all bus passengers.

Day 1 has proposed making temporary paths through bracken and marking these on the map.  Decided to do this, and have a map edition for the event showing the temporary paths, but to leave them of the master version of the map.

Big screen would be possible on Day 3 where hard standing is available adjacent to assembly area.

AP8  RL & DA: Check requirements of system to be used for tracking, e.g. whether need for mobile phone reception in area.

RS noted the benefit of having as many entrants as possible using their own SI cards rather than hired ones.  AH Suggested event website link to SI card supplier.

AP9  LW: Discussion on policy on loan or hire of 6 Day Company SI cards to clubs and other events, a decision to be made at the next meeting.

Guidance need to be given to planning and controlling teams on how many radio controls are to be used (at least 2 suggested) and which courses should go through radio controls on which days.
AP10 DK:  Prepare, in consultation with MS and RS, a list of which courses for each day should be planned to include radio controls and pass on to planners and controllers.

AP11  DK: In consultation with MS, to investigate course requirements for FCC and UK Cup and pass information on to Day 2 and Day 3 teams

LW noted that DA had reported that in his view Oban 2011 preparations are in good shape.  He had experienced difficulties with Argyll and Bute Council contacts due to recession related personnel issues.

In response to a question, from RS, whether DA would be available if there was a delay in appointing new Professional Office, or if the appointee was inexperienced, LW reported that at present DA would be available for further contract work.

8. Finance Report

RO reported that 6-Day Company is still waiting for the refund of the PWT £4K float and any surplus to be distributed.
Accounts and tax returns for 2010 had been filed and tax paid.
RO provided technical specifications and examples of 5 alternative T bar replacements.  Meeting decided mock up of Hex bar and Channel, which could be manufactured in Scotland, was the best option.
AP12 RO: to have prototype manufactured for next meeting.

9. Six Day Event 2013

AH reported that 2013 event does not need any input from DA at the moment.  Area identification is going well.  Darnaway, Lossiemouth, Culbin and Roseisle selected.  Looking at other options, and waiting for Dave Peel response on 1 area issue.
Regarding Kinloss, it is too soon to resolve the uncertainty on whether it might still be possible as an event centre.  Alternatives being looked at are Dyke village hall and a campsite at Brodie.
Most key roles on the COT needing people in place early on have been filled.  Treasurer is Kevin Reynard and he will be making contact with RO.
AP13  AH: to contact PF re access for 2013 officials to documents on Oban 2011 site.  Access for 6-Day Company Directors can also be arranged by PF.
Agreed that the 6-Day event 2013 COT should decide the event name.

10. Six Day Event 2015/ WOC Bid

MS left the meeting for this item.
LW & LK will be participating in a conference call discussion on 25th November with BO reps (Mike Hamilton, Martin Ward and Dave Peel), Donald Grassie (SOA) and Event Scotland personnel.
Meeting agreed 6-Day areas of responsibility should be mapping, access, spectator events and a 50/50 share of merchandising.
As there is a possibility the bid for 2015 will be rejected and a further bid made and accepted for 2017, the contingency plan would be that the 2015 event possibly be N Perthshire.  There will be a holding statement regarding 2015 6-Day location at the SOA 2011 AGM, with a final decision to be made after the WOC 2015 decision at the WOC 2011 in France.
MS rejoined the meeting at the close of this item.

11. History of the Six Day Company

John Colls progressing well and drafts are looking good. Publicity is being planned through piece on 6-Day website and also being forwarded to CompassSport.

12. British Orienteering Roadshow

LW reported on this.  Scottish one was apparently very well attended and raised most questions for BO team.
Arising from this item, AH reported that WTOC would now be in June 2012 and not linked to the JK.  Discussion is on-going with Trail O fraternity as to whether the event should be mid week or at a weekend.  Worry about vandalism at weekend, but need weekend event if to effectively promote Trail O in Scotland.

13. SOA Professional Officer Appointment

There is a short list of 4 people, with interviews on Monday 29th November.

14. Thistle Award

The Thistle Award trophy, collected at the award presentation dinner on behalf of the Scottish 6-Day event by Anne Hickling, was presented by her to the Tay 2009 team represented by Gareth Bryan-Jones.
AP14  AH: to forward information to CompassSport and Focus to generate publicity of the award.
AP15  GBJ: to investigate Thistle Award winners forum.

15.  AOCB

AH noted that at the Thistle Awards ceremony a video of PWT had been used to illustrate the 6-Day event.  Meeting agreed it would be good to have a video available of 6-Day event.  LK reported that the video of the STV report of Spey 2007 was available on YouTube (YouTube – The Scottish Six-Day Orienteering Event, 2007).
AP16  AH: to investigate how and by whom the video of PWT was produced, LK to give AH details of PWT organising team.

Date for Next Meetings
Thursday 3rd February 2011
Tuesday 17th May 2011
Tuesday 27th September 2011