Annual Report

JE queried the nomenclature of the “20th Birthday Event (2015)”. LW confirmed this means the 20th Six Day event, having been held biennially since 1977.

Register of Interests

Checked & Updated

Approval of Minutes of Meeting of Directors on 24th May 2010

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Matters arising from the minutes of 24th May not covered elsewhere in the agenda

Hilary Quick has agreed to take on management of the equipment store as a volunteer role.
AP1 LK to make a start on the Safety Procedure documentation and upload to Google Docs, by end of 2010.
Roll out of the new British Orienteering risk assessment is in hand.
AP2 LK to ensure that day & equipment manuals have been passed to correct people.
AP3 RS to investigate whether many competitors have abused start system by repeatedly turning up late. (Carried forward).
AP4 RL to continue work into accommodating camper vans at events.
Some day officials still to be appointed but most now in place.
RS reported that some radio controls were purchased as part of the PWT but purchasing more – particularly SMS and hardwired ones – would benefit our knowledge and experience. Estimated cost £1000.
The Six Day archive material can be accommodated in the Six Day store.
AP5 All – Paul Frost would like photos of any aspects of the Six Day event for use on the website.

Resignation of Professional Officer

The Board of Directors would like express thanks to Scott for the excellent work done while in post.
DG discussed the recruitment process and highlighted that the holdup last time was with sportscotland approval for the salary band. The recruitment process should start ASAP but could well run into 2011.
As an interim measure it was agreed to offer contract work to cover the essential work on the next two events – 30-35 days for Oban and 6-10 days for Moray.
AP6 RL to outline jobs planned for Scott in early Winter. SF to get started and pass work on.
AP7 RO to set up necessary paperwork for contract
AP8 AH to liaise with Scott and George re Moray.
AP9 RL to liaise with Scott re Oban. Act as link between Scott, contractor and new professional officer.

Donald highlighted that the focus of the PO role had changed since Scott’s appointment. There is now more focus on major events and the ideal candidate would be an orienteer with major events experience at the highest level.

Director Resignation

John reported that GBJ had declined the opportunity to take over as Technical Director, but that David Kershaw had been approached and would be willing to take on the role. This was approved by the Board of Directors.
AP10 RO to arrange necessary paperwork to register David as a director.

British Orienteering levy for Oban 2011

LW is discussing with Mike Atherton the idea of applying for a levy cap; Mike will raise this with the Lakes 5 / NWOA Executive at an upcoming meeting.
No response has been received from Croeso.
AP11 LW to investigate cost of separate insurance outwith the BOF policy.

Bob Cherry is happy with the technical manual.
AP12 RL & LK to chase Stewart Durham and David Macritchie for approval of the day organiser & equipment manuals.

Oban 2011 update

Areas are fine and access is fine, planners are working on the courses.

Event Centre camping: one crofter was not interested in extending his site, however a new crofter adjacent to the existing site will provide adequate area. Work needs to be done to cater for campervans & caravans as the ground is not suitable for these vehicles..

Publicity: plan to use RSS feeds, the website and targeted email to maximise free e-opportunities. Existing articles to be redrafted for circulation to printed press.
Development officer: this would require an application to LEADER funding to develop this role but both EckO and Argyll & Bute Council do not have the capacity to set up the post at the moment. DG expressed disappointment at this, he highlighted that one of the priorities of the SOA is to set up development officers.

Funding: RL plans to go back to LEADER for support for infrastructure and support to employ professional help for new technological developments e.g. GPS tracking.

Day officials: Four assistant controllers still required and some organisers.

Elite race: MS expressed desire to introduce a Mass Start race as this will be a WOC discipline in years to come. Suggested that Day 1 was the best day for this.
AP13 MS to approach Day 1 planners to discuss this. Also finalise rest of Elite race format including UK Cup races.

Scoring: need to increase penalty for DNS/DNF/MP.
AP14 MS to investigate this and propose remedy.

Entry Fee: RO presented the latest event budget. The board agreed to increase the 2009 entry fees by +£1/day for Juniors, +£2/day for Seniors and +£10 for camping. Traders fees to be increased 10%. SI card hire & requirements to be checked, may need to increase hire charge to £2/day.
AP15 RS check hire costs with SportIdent.

Online entry system: various companies are being invited to tender bids.

Budget: JE highlighted that day expenses might be on the high side given the large distances many day officials will have to travel.

Programme: plan is to send nothing out in advance. Everything will be available on the web, and a credit card sized fold out leaflet will give all essential info in hard copy. These will be available for collection with the competitor bibs.


The event was a great success and turned in a profit of £3000 (Have the Six Day Co received the start-up money back?). This is Six Day Company money and the board must decide what to do with it. Options discussed included funding further technology,  refunding/making a contribution to Andrew Dalgleish for the development of his online results system and making a distribution to the clubs involved in the on the ground organisation. A decision will be made at the next board meeting.
Full report from SF to follow.

Finance Report

RO presented options for the use of the surplus discussed at the previous meeting. No decision was made. Discussion centred on types of replacement for the current T-bars, and on the type of map projects which could be funded.

SOA Matters of relevance to the Six Day Company

JK 2012: TAY will be the lead club. Areas proposed are Livingston (sprint), Rannoch, Craig a Barns and Newtyle (relay), pending approval from BOF that the 2-year embargo rule can be relaxed in the case of Rannoch (it will be 22 months since the area was used for the Scottish Champs 2010).

Six Day Event 2013

George Esson provided a report which was presented by AH. Most of the major posts on the central team have been filled.  The main job outstanding is equipment team leader. Areas are becoming clear.  RAF Kinloss will be a good event centre but cannot be confirmed until the results of the upcoming Defence Review. Glen Moray distillers are keen to be involved as sponsors.
The Board expressed their thanks to the Central Organising Team for the good work so far.

Six Day Event 2015/ WOC Bid

The bulk of the work lies with Dave Peel as Bid coordinator at the moment.
The priorities of the Six Day Company are that the maps are suitable for the Six Day and that SOA own the copyright. The format of the Six Day may need to be changed a bit to accommodate the WOC programme.
LW & LK expressed happiness at the degree of openness in communications between us, British Orienteering and EventScotland.

Professional Officer Business


History of the Six Day Company

John and Suse Coon have taken on the editiorial side of the books production. The plan is to sell this alongside entries, then the book can be printed to order. The board agreed that the book could contain advertising, if that is what John Colls wants.
AP16 RO to confirm funding of this project.
AP17 LW to approach George Esson with legal questions raised by John Colls.


Donald Grassie asked for ideas to celebrate the 50th anniversary of SOA. The Board agreed to think about it.

Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 24th November 2010
Thursday 3rd February 2011 (provisional)

The meeting closed with the board wishing John Emeleus for his time as a director and wishing him well for the future outside the Six Day Company.