1.   Welcome & apologies for absence.

Apologies – Kenny Milton (KM), Jon Musgrave (JM), Ross Lilley (RL), Roger Scrutton (RAS) (due to travel delays)

2.   Register of interests – check & update.

Checked and completed by those present.

3.   Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors on 30 September 2015


Thanks were given to Jane Anderson for taking minutes of last meeting.

4.   Matters arising from the minutes of 30 September (not covered in the agenda below)

AP1 (KM) – Formal agreement is still required with Paul Frost

AP2 (KM) – Urban league prize donation of £20 was made for event held during Highland 2015.

AP3 (KM) – The items that were to be paid out of the Moray surplus and deducted from the Highland 2015 expenditure are still to be finalised with Kevin Reynard.

5.   Finance report (KM)

KM provided a financial report but was not present to discuss details.

6.   Highland 2015

CM circulated a report covering Highland 2015.

RO reported that accounts still to be finalised, but likely only small outgoings still to be paid. Indication is there will be a small surplus for the combined event, dependent on Sport Scotland returning a contingency. This is close to the original forecast of 4 years ago. Payments to the clubs has been included in this forecast. It will be left to Scottish day organising clubs as to whether they share some of this payment with English clubs who helped on their days.

The club distribution formula was adjusted to recognise input to WOC.

The camp site made a significant loss, due to increased operating costs, though it is appreciated that the presence of a camp site is important in attracting competitors to the event.

Agreement with BOF is that first £20k of surplus goes to the 6-Day Company; remainder is split 50-50.

Parking fee management and collection was problematic and bus co-ordination was also a challenge. Event services cost twice as much as projected. Cost of toilets was a significant increase on previous event.

Mapping costs were close to what was projected, as were access costs. Operating costs came under budget, but still higher than for 2013.

Event enhancement, funded by Event Scotland, needs to be carefully considered for 2017.

There was disappointment expressed about the lack of coverage given to the 6-Days and the input of volunteers in BOF’s recent Focus article on WOC 2015, and an absence of credit given to the Scottish 6 Day Company and SOA.

CM provided an update on WOC equipment. FVO are now looking after trestles. JK 2016 has expressed interest in using them. CM has copies of all maps. Copyrights have gone to INVOC and Moravian for maps. Copyright for the Nairn urban map was given to INVOC.

CM is attending an Event Scotland conference on event management, supported by the 6-Day Company.

RS has looked at the start clocks. There are 5 pairs. They have been upgraded and are better-built than the old SOA clocks. A computer is necessary to change time and other settings. This should only need to be done once, at the start of the week. The boxes they are kept in are larger than needed; but other storage options are being considered. RAS considers they are a good investment and should last for a decent period if looked after.

7.   Deeside 2017

CM circulated a report on progress, including minutes from a meeting of the Central Organising Team (COT). Outline agreement for 6 areas has been secured. COT decided there should be at least one back-up area as a contingency. CM has actions to check access issues such as capercailzie restrictions and parking fields.

Agreed in principle to include a middle distance race. Venue location will progress up the Dee valley through the week towards Braemar.

Agreed that focus should be on 6 days of orienteering rather than an official extension into the rest day, but COT is open to offers from individuals/clubs to organise events on the rest days.

Progress is underway on mapping. RS commented that a lot of time is spent on checking maps as they are litho-printed; would laser printing be better? RO pointed out that litho-printing is cheaper for large quantities, but there is a cost of human time required to check maps. The Board recommends that Deeside 2017 Mapping Co-ordinator considers this.

Campsite – large field in Ballater has been identified, with potential infrastructure for sewage disposal. Does not need a perimeter fence.

Allocation of clubs to days—Day Co-ordinator should co-ordinate with RW as Day Co-Ordinator Director, referring to statistics from past events, establish this by early next year. RO noted that the Lakeland clubs may be interested in being official day organising clubs if needed.

DK will be 6-Day Company Board contact for the COT for 2017.

Indication from LEADER is that the future programme will not provide event funding in a way that they have done in the past. Event Scotland funding is a possibility; CM will also explore funding from the host local authority (Aberdeenshire).

Action CM: Share 2015 and 2013 Reports with 2017 COT.

8.   6 Days 2019

DK has approached FVO about taking on the central organising role, but has not had a formal response yet.

A South of Scotland option is being considered for 2021.

9.   6 Day Business Plan

A 6-Day Business plan was circulated (PDF), but agreed that a Word version should be circulated for all Board members to review and comment on for discussion at the next Board meeting.

Action RS: to distribute a Word version of the Business Plan.

Action All: to review and comment.

10.   6 Day Risk Register

A draft Risk register for 6-Day events produced by KM was reviewed line-by-line. Lindsey Knox also provided comment on the draft.

Noted that any risk that may lead to event cancellation should include cash management as a mitigation strategy.

Action RW: to update register to reflect Board feedback and circulate new draft.

11.   SOA Professional Officer

CM reported that SOA is going through an Equality Standard process (staff and board members). LIDAR has gone out to several clubs and has been popular. SOA is dealing with the Forestry Commission over some access issues.

SOA has had increased funding from Sport Scotland for development, but the funding model gives no support to governance. Some uncertainty over future staffing structure – Professional Officer post is likely to disappear, replaced by an Event Manager post. Scottish 6 Day Company would then support this new post. This change would have implications on other SOA staff roles and responsibilities.

SOA is considering a Chief Operating Officer position to manage staff, reducing responsibilities of Board.

12.   SOA business relevant to 6-Day Company

RAS provided a report but was unable to be present to discuss details.

13.  AOB

CE has agreed to become Technical Director, replacing DK. A replacement Elite Director is currently being sought.

14.   Future meeting dates

Wednesday 24th February

Wednesday 11th May

Meeting closed at 8.30pm