1. Welcome & apologies for absence.

AH welcomed RW to her first meeting after replacing LK on the Board. An apology for absence was received from Ian MacIntyre (IM).

2. Register of interests

Circulated and completed.

3. AGM

(taken after the accounts were received)

The accounts were presented to the shareholder and were approved.

LK was standing down with RW replacing her.

RAS on behalf of the SOA thanked AH for her 10 years with the company and 4 years as chair.

CM and DK added their thanks to AH and to LK.

4. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors on 13 May 2015.

Previously circulated – approved.

5. Matters arising from the minutes of 13 May (and not covered elsewhere in the agenda)

Written agreement required with Paul Frost for website hosting and updates. Action KM

6. Finance report (KM)

KM circulated the accounts

KM explained the trading of money between the Highland 2015 event account and the 6-Day Company account and that the large amounts of debtors and creditors was due to the Highland 2015 event.

The Company has been asked, along with all clubs running urban league events, to provide £20 towards urban league prizes.  As the 6 day company received the income from the Highland/Forres urban event, the contribution was approved. Action KM

Mapping fund update – the total value of bids received exceeds the value of the fund.  Scottish Orienteering will consider and evaluate the bids.

KM would like to ask another individual to review the accounts as they are not audited.  KM to approach IM. Action KM

The accounts were approved and will be filed. Action KM

7. Highland 2015

Reports by RO and CM were circulated.

Finances are yet to be finalised with receipt of further invoices expected.  The event is expected to break even.

The event could apply for awards.  While it was expected that Event Scotland will take the lead on this, CM to remind them.  Action CM

Final numbers of participants per day to be circulated.  Action RO

RS commented that a large number of people external to orienteering were aware of the event.

The aim to have the 6 day events on the same areas and maps as the World Championships was achieved with minor differences.  None of the 250 courses were voided.  No serious competition accidents were reported though there were two traffic accidents involving competitors.

The staging of the event was a tremendous effort by those involved.

Recommendations for improvements based on feedback were discussed:  Change management must be better, e.g. regarding terrain changes, and access agreements tightened, local community communications and relationships and consideration for local residents must be borne in mind. Car parking passes or charges, contingent planning, waste disposal, the need for a contracts manager should all be reviewed.

Events Scotland support is for enhancements to the event.  We need to consider what enhancements are really needed to improve the event experience.

The campsite is part of the event package and should be outsourced again.

Draft Highland 2015 accounts were circulated.  Some invoices are yet to be received but the financial outcome is estimated to be ahead of budget.  AH asked if items the 6 day company agreed to pay for out of the surplus from Moray 2013 had been accounted for.  Action KM

Equipment bought for WOC is without an owner and in temporary storage, in particular, trestles – there is no room in the 6 day store.  They are to be offered to commercial sprint event organisers.  CM to approach Graeme Gristwood.  Action CM

CM reported that working on two events was challenging.

The 6 day event is now effectively 7 due to “rest day” activities.  It was suggested that future rest day activities could be run commercially but the public would perceive them as part of the 6 day event.  It was suggested that a sprint event could be held on the first Saturday.

Buses and cars – policing of car parking charges was impossible.  It was suggested the parking cost should be included in the entry fee and free buses provided which should be pre-booked.

Campervans and motorhomes are difficult to park but organisers cannot stop them turning up at the event parking.

AH emphasised that lessons learned must get carried forward to the next event.

CM reported that there was a lot of activity after the event picking up kit.

RS wondered about the entries expected for Deeside 2017.  Survey results suggest they will be high and CM suggested planning for 4500.

Club return – LK to consider the split due to there being three central clubs this time instead of two.  Action LK

Start clocks – RS reported that he was not able to test the clocks as he had wanted but that the clocks were not robust enough.  They were not completely reliable but usable.  While clocks could be hired for a 6 day event week, this would not be feasible for Scottish Orienteering use.  Clocks for Deeside 2017 to be investigated.  Action RS

8. Deeside 2017

CM has visited possible areas – three areas near Aboyne and three near Braemar.  Ballater Victoria Halls are booked as the event centre.  Costs can be kept down by progressing up the valley during the event week.  The central organising team (COT) is taking shape.  There have been initial discussions with landowners.  CM attended a Cairngorm Leader meeting and has contacted Aberdeenshire Council.  Logo not decided yet.

9. 6 Day 2019

DK has investigated areas in the south of Scotland.  The Borders does not have enough quality areas and it was agreed not to use north of England areas.  Galloway areas used in the past are generally no longer suitable and suggested new areas are not appropriate either.  Suggest that Galloway may be reconsidered for 2021.

The central belt is the alternative.  CM reported that there is extensive Lidar coverage across the FVO area.  DK to approach FVO and let south clubs know the decision. Action DK

10. 6 Day Business Plan

This was circulated and all to review for the next meeting. Action All

11. SOA Professional Officer (CM)

The Professional officer job in its current format may disappear.  The role of looking after events is uncertain.  CM suggested that SOA need someone to provide event support including the 6 Days.

12. SOA business relevant to 6-day Company

Report circulated

13. AOB

AH is retiring and DK will be the new Chair. It was noted that a replacement would be needed for Technical Director.

14. Next Meeting

Wednesday 2nd December 2015, Perth, 5.30pm