1. Welcome & apologies for absence.

Apologies – Ewan McCarthy (EM)

2. Register of interests – check & update.

All present checked and signed the register of interests.

3. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors on 20th September 2017


4. Matters arising from the minutes of 20th September (not covered in the agenda below)

As no further comments had been raised on the business plan, DK had written a foreword and this has now been uploaded to the website.

5. Finance report (KR)

Finances are coming together from 2017 event. There was a small surplus arising from the event. Strathearn 2019 requires a couple of invoices to be paid and KR agreed to facilitate this until GBJ (event treasurer) returns from his trip to America.

Action: KR

6. Royal Deeside 2017

JM discussed the finances of the event. There was to be a small surplus and the Board need to consider what if any distribution to clubs was to be made. The usual £10k surplus had been generated with an amount of £8k in addition. KR will circulate the full report to the Board to allow a further review and lessons to be learned.

JM recommended a review of entries and budgeting based on the experience of the event.

The campsite was difficult with some issues and made a £6.5k loss. JM suggested that the charge in future should be per capita / vehicle rather than by site size. (NB 2019 looking to outsource this to Comrie Croft).

Although some items made a loss, others came in below budget such as Limelight and bus hire and other areas brought in more money than budgeted such as late entries, leading to the £18k profit over the 6 day event. (NB Total income £290,406 to give this some context).

RS asked whether the charity status had been beneficial in negotiations, but there were no specific examples available.

The sprint race has been requested to give details of their finances but nothing has not yet been forthcoming.

Sponsorship had been provided from Ramboll and Burness & Paul (who sponsored the string course).

JM reported that the merchandising at the event had been very successful with a number of good innovations. One suggestion for the future was an on-line shop.

Comments on the scoring system had been received but, following a discussion, it was agreed that we would continue to use the existing system.

The method of distribution of any surplus was being discussed and a number of responses had been received from clubs.

  • Some small clubs really need a contribution as they cannot easily put on large events which generate income for the club.
  • Many welcome a contribution and it was also suggested it would be better to change this (if appropriate) for the next event as clubs had assisted on the basis of the expected payment if the event allowed.
  • Some others raised the issue of external help from English clubs.

A suggestion was made to distribute some funds in the usual fashion, and put some into the SOA development fund. RS reminded the committee that the good will of the clubs is very vital.

The conclusion was that the usual dispersal was to be carried out with the remainder kept aside to help with budgets for 2019 (as some costs will be higher than in 2017 e.g. no sharing of arenas).

An article for Score would be derived between KR and JM to show basic finances and trend over last few years. RS to share previous info on split of funds with RW so that payment can be made to clubs.

Action: RS, RW, KR, JM

7. Strathearn 2019 – 28th July to 3rd August 2019

CM and TOB have had a meeting with the FVO and Tay main officials and also a wider group meeting had been held last week.

CM outlined his work to date regarding the six areas to be used and the possible use of Morrisons Academy in Crieff for the Event Centre.

  • Edinkip seems to be usuable but will require a road crossing (within the 30 mph zone) from the car park field to the event arena.
  • Dundurn seems to most suited to a middle distance event.
  • Auchengarrich has a good potential race arena but has issues for parking and possibly bussing.
  • Culteuchar and Dron extension – good parking field and likely to be day 6.
  • Grandtully has to be extended, but has good parking etc.
  • Craig a Barns approaching from Rotmell – the farmer has a favourable recollection of previous events but there are still some issues to be resolved with the landowner.
  • Reserve areas: Dumyat, Kinnoul Hill, Lynedoch (NW of Perth) have been suggested.

David Nicol and CM have visited the arenas for these areas.

CM is trying to keep mapping costs down but remapping would be required and a budget is needed for this.

A preferred programme of events is being developed.

Comrie Croft were keen to provide the campsite. CM had explained we would be looking to transfer all risk to them but the six day company needs to negotiate to ensure adequate facilities will be provided.

Sprint Scotland mid-week event – a discussion over volunteering and facilities ensued looking at the drain on manpower and whether there should be a fee to allow a company to take the profits from the Sprint day event. There was a strong view that the workforce is the same and that there was no clear understanding of how funds were to be distributed.

CE to contact SprintScotland re 6 day company reservations and concerns on funding model.

TOB raised concerns from Will Hensman on the length of day the results team will be have to do based on previous years’ experience.

Dave Coustick had asked about mixed punching and it was anticipated that 2019 event will allow this.

RW will liaise with Dave Nichol on day/club allocation.

Action: CE, RW

8. 2021 Six Day

Fort William area still being considered.

9. Risk Register

The last time this was reviewed was nearly two years ago. RW took the committee through the register. The campsite risk was discussed as this had been a bad experience from the 2017 event. The need to deal with the suitability of a site should be better understood and more careful provision of utilities was needed. The number of competitors to budget for was discussed and revised down to 3000 based on a review of previous events’ information. Event insurance was raised by CM and there are some concerns on the cover provided by the insurance. RW will circulate the Register with added elements.

Action: RW

10. SOA Events Manager

Paul Frost is still willing to administer the 6 day company website. CM is working on some content for the SOA website, including a guide to orienteering and articles on mapping. BOC 2018 is now taking up time for CM.

11. SOA business relevant to 6-Day Company

RAS gave an overview of his report on the relevant business

The opportunity to bid for the WOC Sprint in 2022 in Edinburgh was discussed and KR was to advise on matters related to finance. RAS will forward the latest info to KR. British Orienteering will not underwrite the event after the experience of WOC 2015. The 6 day company are now being asked to do this. RAS gave an overview of progress to date. DK suggested that in principle the 6 day company would be behind this but they would require clarification on a number of items, in particular the financial risks. EventScotland require all info put together for submission. RAS will circulate CM’s first draft proposals which would help the 6 day company understand the issues.

RAS also circulated notes to the committee on the other pertinent SOA business, relating to relations with British Orienteering, the imminent new SOA website and BOC 2018 levies.

Action: KR, RAS

12. AOB

RS stated there were some issues with the hardware. He will investigate this further but it is likely that there will be a need for hardware replacement. This was carried forward.

CM raised potential rises in Forestry Commission access fees.

DK has asked Ross Lilley if he had any suggestions for a replacement.

Action: RS, DK

13. Future meeting dates

Wednesday 7th March 2018. Further dates to be set at next meeting.

The meeting closed at 9pm