1. Welcome & apologies for absence

Apologies: There were no absentees

2. Register of interests

Circulated and completed.

3. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors on 12 February 2014


4. Matters arising from the minutes of 12 February (and not covered elsewhere in the agenda below).

  • AP2: LK has updated the Organisers Manual and is working on the Equipment Manual. AP1: LK
  • AP4: KM is still investigating whether there is a need for directors’ liability insurance The charitable status of the 6Day Company as a subsidiary of SOA may be relevant.
  • AP5: There was discussion about British Orienteering insurance for 2015 including cover for non-members and about the implications for the 6Day and WOC. KM to continue to explore with BOF/WOC. AP2: KM

5. Finance report

KM presented the finance report which showed that the reserves are at their highest level. Moray 2013 accounts have now been finalised. H2015 has received £15K and there is £5K available for Race the Castles.

The mapping fund has been set up but nothing has been paid out yet, nor has any money been allocated to Highland2015 for fresh signs and volunteers’ clothing.

There is still some income from “A few surplus maps”.

Risk Register: to be continued. AP3: KM

6. Information Leaflet and video

Leaflet has not been produced yet.

Jonathan Hootton made a video following Moray2013 which is currently on his own YouTube site. Ownership should be transferred to 6 day Co. RL was authorised to make a payment. AP4: RL

7. Highland 2015

RO and CM tabled reports which highlighted progress made and areas where further action was required.

Budget: the situation is not as serious as first indicated as there had been some double counting of expenditure.

Access: arrangements are progressing satisfactorily

Mapping: good progress.

Infrastructure: There was much discussion about the bridges and access roads. Royal Engineers will carry out bridge construction and other works. Various applications for funding are in progress.

Assembly areas: close liaison between WOC and 6Days is needed at the working level

Rest day: a variety of informal activities/attractions needed to bring people to Darnaway to spectate at the WOC Middle race. Suggestions are being sought. AH is co-ordinating.

Marketing: We need to ensure that the WOC team recognise that the 6 Day team is responsible for marketing to those who will come to the 6Day. Postcards and car stickers will be distributed with the next Focus and postcards taken to various events in the summer including WOC2014.

8. 6 Day 2017

Nothing to report.

9. SOA Professional Officer

Nothing to add.

10. SOA business relevant to the 6-Day Company

Report tabled by RAS included reference to sportScotland funding to 2019, change of the SOA Development Director, funding for RDO and Admin assistant posts. CM and Hilary Quick are currently looking after arrangement for WOC training camps following the resignation of the WOC training coordinator.

11. Any Other Business

a) 6 Day archive. AH has the 6 Day archive which was collected from John Colls’ flat. A volunteer is being sought who could scan the papers and produce an electronic version of key documents. AP5: AH

b) Equipment store. The equipment store at Glenmore Lodge is very full and another location is being sought. The cost will be shared equally between SOA and 6 Day Company. AP6: CM

12. Future meeting dates

10 September
19 November