1. Apologies for absence.

Murray Strain, Mike Atherton, Donald Grassie.

2. Register of interests – check & update.

Register passed round, updated and signed by all present.

3. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors on 1st September 2008.

Minutes were approved.

4. Matters arising from the minutes of 1st September 2008

AD had talked to David Sloan and Dave Nicol about wireless and all aspects of timing the event.  Work is ongoing, and will start in earnest on this aspect of the system shortly, as the main effort so far has gone into the entry system.
Website is looking good but needs some work still on the private area.  AD to talk to Paul Frost.
PA System talked about, still in the same situation but SF advised safer to book early as August is a busy month, this was agreed by the board, SF to pursue.  AD put forward that although the timing system hasn’t been confirmed yet it should be a given that some form of results will be available for use by a commentary team.  This combined with the personal info box on the entry form should supply enough info for some good quality commentary.  SF/GBJ to look at a coordinator, perhaps a team of volunteers for the commentary.

5. Tay 2009 (GBJ & SF & LW)

GBJ circulated a report prior to the meeting but highlighted 3 main points:
• Prizes – these were debated at the last 2009 committee meeting, buffs in gold silver and bronze for 1st/2nd/3rd placed juniors was their choice. The Board liked this idea.
• Pre-order merchandise – The thought was we will sell more and have less risk if merchandise is able to be purchased beforehand, it should still be available during the week.
• Tentsmuir is the 100th ever 6 day event, perhaps giving out the coasters on that day, with a special 100th event one.

Issues needing resolved:
• Dalruzion – thinning operations. Planning is on hold until forest thinning is finished.  Contingency plans are in place, Sherrifmuir and Dumyat is likely to be fallback area if required.
• Barry Buddon, slow progress in getting land use agreed.
• Racecourse (event centre) – talking about using marquee space/scout huts etc for more people to be accommodated.
• LW asked GBJ to thank the committee for their hard work and positive input to the event.
• Entries are looking positive and the ‘first’ entry auction is in place and ends shortly. Board suggested this should go to charity and Gareth to progress this.

6. Finance report (RO)

Proposal as to how the 6-Day funds the support it receives from the SOA. This is still under discussion with the SOA and British Orienteering.
Looking for suggestions for what to spend any surplus money on.  Robin asked for ideas to be put up for discussion at a future meeting.
The budget for 2009 was adjusted slightly to take into account recent events but competitor numbers are still too vague to know exactly how the event will pan out.

7. Scoring system

LW to contact MS outside of meeting as due to his absence, he should circulate findings via email.

8. 2011 – Oban area (RO & SF)

Updated on progress regarding securing areas – SF is happy this is going well and most of the areas have been chosen and land use permissions are in development.
Logo & publicity needs to be well advanced by the time the 2009 event programme is published.  SF to remind the event committee about this.
Last of the key officials have been appointed.  Ross Lilley to be invited to future board meetings as coordinator of the event (LW to contact).
SF to look into traffic management plans, any one way systems required and traffic systems which may impact on local residences / services.
Locations sited for EC/campsite but permissions not obtained as yet.
‘What area’ ‘what day’ to be decided by the end of March.
Name discussed as ‘Oban 2011’ and the board decided this was the most fitting name for it.  SF to source someone to design a logo, which should be in place before the programme.
Permissions and access are key at the moment for the event.
Publicity officer should be in place as soon as possible to deal with launch & programme.

9. Relationship between Board of Directors and COC paper (AH / MA)

Removed section about having a board member at each committee meeting, they felt this wasn’t required.  Board discussed it, and decided that it is likely board members may want to attend but the change in document removed the formal requirement; GBJ suggested it a good idea to have a board member present to get immediate feedback on issues.
Document finalised and should go on the website.

10. Professional Officer (SF)

2013 Event: Forres or Dunkeld were the most likely candidates; Forres was generally accepted to be the most appropriate by the board.  Discussed south west Scotland but decided it was less likely to deliver the quality product we are expected to deliver.  Enough variety in the region (Forres) and some unmapped areas have been found so looks promising.  Clubs involved to be looked at by SF.  Board asked to think about potential Coordinator / Clubs too.
Park World Tour: discussed viability to hold alongside a 6 day event.  Could potentially be expensive, but might bring a lot of reward, can bring kids into orienteering and let them see it a high level.  AD suggested potential issues with regard to volunteer pool with every single major club in Scotland involved in the 6 days in some way or other.
Major Events: beyond Glasgow 2014 potentially, but lots of extra things to think about.  British Orienteering to submit a major event plan to event Scotland.  SF suggested they are keen to work in some way with us as the 6 day company.
Everyone seemed upbeat about holding such events but we will see how the British Orienteering plan to Event Scotland progresses.
SF has had discussions with both a singer and a commentator, who have asked if they can work at the event if we pay their expenses, SF to talk to them more about what they can offer.

11. British Orienteering matters (LW & DG)

The revised event structure has no real impact on Tay 2009 but likely to impact all Orienteering in Scotland from the start of 2009.  The 6 Day Company Ltd require events to be age structure at Level 2, thus requiring Grade 2 controllers.  We might have to look at raising the event / some days to a Level 1 event if in conjunction with a WC / WOC etc.  Colour coded to be registered as a separate Level 3 event.
Embargoes for a Level 2 are 12 months.  Various discussions surrounding local clubs having their best areas removed for a 12 month period, Lynne to continue discussion with the British orienteering / Rules group.

12. Any other business

It was agreed that the Board like the new set up of the start procedure.
AD hinted a lack of email/phone contact between members of the board between meetings, whether warranted or not, and perhaps to consider setting dates/times for deliverables.  This is probably not required.

13. Next meeting: date / location / minutes (RO)

Tuesday 17th February, likely the Dewar Centre, MS to be asked if he’d like to record the minutes, RO to book.