1. Welcome & apologies for absence.

Apologies: Ewan McCarthy (EM), Richard Oxlade (RO),

2. Register of interests – check & update.

All present checked and signed the register of interests.

3. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors on 20 March 2019


4. Matters arising from previous meetings (not covered in the agenda below)


5. Finance report (KR)

Company – cash at bank currently totals £140,000.

The accounts have to be filed with Companies House by 30 November 2019.

An additional spend on Lochaber 2021 website & Lidar was noted.

A payment has been received from Strathearn 2019 repaying the outstanding advance.

Kenny Milton & Ross Lilley have been removed as signatories from Companies House documentation. Action: KR

6. Risk Register

Several changes were suggested and will be made to the register including the investigation of an additional signatory for Internet Banking.  Action: RW

7. Strathearn 2019

CM reported as follows:

Areas and Mapping

  • Day 1 – revised parking arrangements and race arena finalised
  • Day 2 – Land manager probably wants footbridge removed.
  • Day 3 – some re-planning of junior courses necessary due to unexpected access issue.
  • Macrosty Park extended and suitable for Sprint (UKUL)
  • Day 4 – parking confirmed and split arena agreed.
  • Day 5 – felling has taken place around a diseased tree and it is hoped there are no further outbreaks. Contingency plans are being made to use part of Grandtully including Balnaguard Nature Reserve.  WRE status may have to be dropped
  • Day 6 – no issues

World Ranking Events

Bulletin 2 (final details) due for release by mid-July.

Race Arenas

Race arena plans have been drawn up showing race organisation, trackway, generators, satellite, commentary, TV, traders, toilets, waste & recycling locations.

All starts and finishes confirmed.


Course planning and course checking largely in hand.

Event Centre

Morrison’s Academy confirmed as event centre.  Only open for Registration but use in advance for map storage and checking and during the event for computing

Event Campsite

Comrie Croft will provide event campsite and taking bookings directly. Uptake currently low.  Motorhome and campervans want electric hook ups and these are not being provided.


Contract still to be awarded.  Numbers to be confirmed.


  • Hardcore Events Ltd contracted to provide event services including tentage, crowd barriers, HERAS results display.  No equipment team so sub-contracting additional elements to Hardcore. Hardcore will hire in tentage as required.
  • F1Training Services providing first aid
  • Scotloo chemical toilets
  • Trackway requirements to be finalised. Awaiting updated quote from Mammut Mat makers.

Traffic Management

Police aware of event and are not seeking any further action.  Military Police will man road crossing on Day 2.

Traffic management plan completed and submitted to Perth & Kinross and Stirling Councils.

Marketing and promotion

Webmaster Karen Lowe has made excellent progress on additional content and social media.

Sponsorship and Event Enhancements

Silva providing 300 branded control flags.

EventScotland has agreed £24,630 towards live streaming, commentary and PA, GPS tracker hire and display, event branding and promotional video.  Karel Jonak (Gearbox Productions) to provide service (Katherine Bett to produce).

£7,500 received from Perth & Kinross Council – they have agreed to cover costs of waste & recycling bins.  Funding application submitted to Stirling Council and awaiting outcome.  They can provide waste & recycling but currently we have to pick up costs.

There were currently 2364 entries approx. 2000 of which are seniors. KR noted that income for the event is about £20K or 12% below budget but expenditure is OK and contingencies have been built in to the budget.

TOB confirmed that the Lord Provost of Perth & Kinross will attend the Wednesday Sprint in Macrosty Park and John Swinney MSP, Deputy First Minister, will present awards on Day 6. DK is to make a presentation to Ian Kevan of Ultrasport as the company, in its current form, will cease to exist at the end of 2019.

8. 2021 Six Days


Great Glen Yurts (Torlundy Farm) keen to run and establish campsite at their location. Former option (Lochaber High School) not viable due to rebuilding.

Website and Logo

Hillside have produced a number of different ideas for a 2021 logo.  There are now four “routes” to consider.  Decision is required on which route to go down – colours, fonts, elements of design are all open to change.


Short promotional video being produced by Karel Jonak of Gearbox (site visits 19-20 June in Lochaber)

There was a general discussion on areas and an event logo.

DK has had no success to date in recruiting an Event Co-ordinator or a club to lead the Central Organisation but had had some success in filling other roles within the COT. The possibility that a paid post may have to be created was discussed. TOB indicated an interest in the Event Co-ordinator role but requested time to consider his position.

9. WOC 2022

Paul McGreal has been appointed as Event Director.

CM reported that an IOF visit is pending (13-14 July). Tony Thornley will attend plus Graham Gristwood (as Technical Director and Mapper).

Mapping Tender

Mapping tenders awarded to Graham Gristwood and Dave Peel.  Steve Smirthwaite acting as independent adviser.

Logo, branding and website

Website now live.  Brian Ward (HALO) has volunteered to look after social media.  Note use of term ‘Open Races’ and volunteers section.


Short promotional video being produced by Karel Jonak of Gearbox (site visits 21-22 June)

Open Races

5 days – Anne Hoy and Graeme Ackland coordinating.

Pre-WOC 2022

Programme to be decided – Graham Gristwood has been compiling ideas from international squads.

10. SOA Events Manager

Paul Frost is standing down from maintaining the website and a contract to redevelop the website has been agreed with Hillside Agency.  It will be brought more in line with the SOA website colours.  Hillside are in touch with Paul Rayner (SOA) to ensure better compatibility and best use of resources.  Future events will be integrated into the website but events will have their own identity and logo.  DK formally thanked Paul Frost for all his work over several of years in connection with the 6 day events.

The 2019 web master wants to spend some money on Google ads and analytics. CM to investigate. Action: CM

11. SOA business relevant to 6-Day Company (RO)

No report available in the absence of RO.

12. AOB

It was noted that DK and CM had been invited to the Scottish Open Golf Championship as guests of Event Scotland.

KR will investigate UK bribery criteria in relation to the S6D organisation.  Action: KR

13. Future meeting dates

Wednesday 11 September 2019

The meeting closed at 8.30 p.m.