Welcome and Apologies

DK welcomed everyone. There were no apologies.

Register of Interests

No changes reported.

Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors and the AGM held on 18 November 2021

Approved as read.

Matters arising from Minutes of 18 November 2021

Company name: CE indicated that the orienteering community were aware Moray 2023 would be a 5-day event but questioned whether the sprint should be incorporated into the 6 Days. The practicalities of holding a sprint for 3000 people were discussed. KR confirmed that the memo and articles of the company do not provide for limitations on the length of any event held. It was agreed the name would remain the same at present.

Finance Report

KR reported that:

  • Current level of funds is £145,100 (though this includes advance WOC money)
  • Payments largely up to date including a few bills on behalf of the 2023 event.
  • Statutory and tax filings are up to date.
  • Moray 2023:
    • KR is meeting Karen Fraser to cover the preliminary budget. Event bank account privileges will be assigned to Karen with adequate funds for early expenditure.
  • WOC:
    • KR reported the event contract had been modified and signed.
    • It was agreed a new bank account would be opened for WOC but the 6-Day Company would have oversight.
    • KR reported that he is awaiting clarity in respect of proposed expenditure for the trip to WOC 2022 in Denmark.
  • KR highlighted inflationary pressures expected over the next several years which will impact costs and potentially the propensity to travel.

Lochaber 2021

  • Computing Report – The following points raised by RS from the Lochaber event were discussed.
    • Entry on the Day – EF indicated that Paul Furness (computing) is currently discussing this with David Nicol (entries) and they are hoping to have entries open until 6pm the day before.
    • Commentary – It was noted that there were mixed views amongst competitors about commentary. In the past it had present due to funding made available by Event Scotland. It was agreed that commentary would not be contracted unless additional funding from 3rd party sources was available.
    • Radio Controls – RS highlighted that the increase in the use of SIAC potentially increased the requirement for radio controls for safety. Paul Furness and David Esson (Technical) will liaise to determine where they may be necessary.
    • Results – The issue of how results were published on the day during the event were discussed. It was agreed this would be discussed further at COT level.
    • Mobile Signals – The availability of mobile signals at the event arenas are being checked.
    • Local WIFI – Paul Furness and RS to discuss this further.
    • DAY 0 Test – EF confirmed a Day 0 test would be held before the event.

Moray 2023


EF indicated that the Moravian committee had raised the possibility of a mapping royalty being paid for use of the maps with MOR employing mappers directly. KR indicated in terms of the company’s procurement policy and constitution, any contract must go out to tender. It was agreed that mapping would be undertaken following the existing model of mapping procurement.

Progress Report:

  • Logo – designed and paid for.
  • Website – more information would be uploaded just before Easter in conjunction with Moray Speyside.
  • Technical – CE is liaising with David Esson in respect of the number of courses. Terry O’Brien’s suggestions in respect of a reduction in the number of courses required would be considered together with projected numbers on each course and start time availability.
  • Club Day Allocation – EF reported this had been completed with mostly positive responses received.
  • Controllers – David Esson had received a good response to the call for controllers. RO’s suggestion of mentoring and provision of experience for younger controllers in line with SOA policy was agreed.
  • World Ranking Event – EF indicated that an application would be submitted in June – September for Days 2 and 3 (Darnaway and Roseisle).
  • Event Centre – a possibility had been identified and was currently being investigated.
  • Budget – EF indicated that parking for campervans may cause the use of buses for transport for Days 4 and 5 as they cannot access the arena but alternative sites for Campervan parking were being explored.
  • It was confirmed that 4 out of 5 events would count for the competition.

WOC 2024

  • Dates of event set as 12 – 16 July 2024 – there is no clash with other major sporting events other than potentially the final of the Euros.
  • DK reported that meetings of the Local Organising Committee and the Steering Group have been held.
  • Budget – Inflationary pressures had been considered in preparation of the new budget and a 10% allowance has been used for this year but there was a concern for the future. There is a possibility that increased funding from partners may be considered to reflect inflation. KR liaising with Bob Dredge.
  • Transport – DK reported that the organisers were hoping all events would be accessible by public transport including the ‘away day’ to reduce car use.
  • Paul McGreal is preparing a programme for the SEA visit at the end of April.
  • DK reported he and KR had signed off the revised IOF agreement regarding the reduced sanction fee.
  • “Legacy” – RO reported SOA is looking at development in the lead up to the event and the follow on. SOA is engaging with British Orienteering about a potential “legacy” programme.
  • The first WOC bulletin is due in early July.

6 Days 2025

Terry O’Brien had looked at the feasibility of an event in Southern Scotland. This was considered not to be possible in view of the distances that would need to be travelled between quality areas (unless the format changed significantly).

DK reported he had approached one of the northern clubs about the possibility of them hosting in 2025.

In light of WOC (sprint format), WOC “legacy” development and the desire to attract a younger audience (given the aging orienteering population), the potential for a change in the format of the 6-Day competition should be considered at the next meeting.

Succession Planning

It was reported there is no constitutional provision limiting the amount of time served by board members. It was agreed for good governance and to maintain experience a rolling programme of changing board members would be adopted. DK to draft proposal for next meeting.
Action: DK

Strategy Business Plan

This was carried forward to the next meeting due to time pressures.

SOA Business relevant to 6-Day Company

RO reported all relevant matters had previously been covered.



Date of Next Meeting

TBC June (via Zoom).
Action: DK