1. Welcome & apologies for absence.

Apologies: Terry O’Brien (TOB). It was noted that Colin Matheson (CM) was on furlough.

2. Register of interests

The register of interests had been sent out with the papers for the meeting. All Directors were asked to inform DK of any changes – none were mentioned at the meeting.

3. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors on 4 December 2019

The minutes were reviewed and approved with no changes.

4. Matters arising from previous meetings (not covered in the agenda below)

RO advised that he still needed to address the map copyright issue.

5. Finance report

A report had been circulated by KR in advance of the meeting noting that the company continued to have adequate cash reserves. The annual tax return had been filed in February 2020 and the next financial statements were due as at 30 November 2020.

In respect of WOC 2024, the funds were included in the general bank accounts of the company. It had not been possible to open a separate bank account as the Bank of Scotland had frozen all new applications. We had received £60,000 from City of Edinburgh Council and £20,000 from EventScotland. Expenditure to date includes CM time, Durty Events invoices and various travel/ hotel expenses. There were current commitments of Eu30,000 in respect of the IOF Fee and £10,000 per quarter payable to the SOA.

6. Lochaber 2021

A wide-ranging discussion was held with all contributing.

RO commented and the Directors agreed that the biennial event was an important feature in the O-calendar and a hugely strategic contributor to SOA funds.

RO also felt that there was sufficient management resource available to properly direct and oversee the event and that a replacement for TOB as coordinator could be found or could be covered by the COT.

It was noted that a number of prospective participants would undoubtedly have already booked accommodation and paid deposits.

There was no appetite for delaying to 2022.

The current intention is to aim to put on an event in 2021 while giving full consideration to health and safety regulations and their impact on the required activity in summer 2021. The Board discussed flexibility in the proposed areas and the importance of managing the upfront costs (principally mapping and personal expenses), especially before the first entry cut-off of 31 January 2021.

It was agreed that there was still a window before any firm strategic decision had to be made and that a further meeting would be held on 29 June to review the position.

Key decisions and assessments in the short term:

Mapping – contracts need to be in place by July. It was agreed that the scope of mapping and the areas should be reassessed with the objective of developing a budget of £25/30,000, rather than the initial £60,000 currently being contemplated. The Board would need to consider the mapping strategy.

Key roles – organisers and planners to be identified and the teams established

Plan B – it was agreed that it was important to have an alternative option if the logistics and time frame for Lochaber appear insurmountable or significant uncertainty exists at the end of June. The possibility of swapping Moray into 2021 and pushing Lochaber to 2023 seemed the most viable.

ACTION: DK/RO to discuss mapping with Donald Grassie.

DK to circulate a statement for publication on the SOA and 6-Day web-sites

DK to contact Moravian regarding 2021/2023

7. WOC 2024

It was noted that WOC 2020 had been postponed to 2022. As a result, WOC 2022 (scheduled for July 2022 in Edinburgh) has been postponed to summer 2024. We have confirmed to the IOF that, in principle, we are willing to move to 2024 (subject to financial support from EventScotland and City of Edinburgh Council)

The continued financial support of EventScotland and City of Edinburgh Council has been promised in principle though still subject to confirmation. We are not aware of other major events in the city in July 2024 which could impact on WOC 2024.

It was agreed to regard the event as effectively mothballed and to manage the risk of incurring unnecessary expense over the additional 2 year period. There is a need to deal with EventScotland, City of Edinburgh and IOF contracts regarding the change in year. EventScotland and the City of Edinburgh have confirmed that this is acceptable, although Edinburgh City Council still need to ratify the changes

With regard to the Durty Events contract, this will need to be reviewed. Consideration will be given to a modest retainer for the additional 24 months.

Additional costs would need to be discussed with IOF.

Other activity is on hold, including mapping, and the embargo status has been lowered

ACTION: DK to discuss Durty Events contract with Burness Paull.

DK to agree appropriate press / web-site announcements with Paul McGreal.

8. SOA business relevant to 6-Day Company (RO)

RO reiterated the importance of managing SOA’s finances and getting orienteers active again.

9. AOB

RS updated the meeting on progress on the web-site which should be going live soon.

10. Future meeting dates

29 June at 7.30 pm via Zoom

The meeting closed at 9.15 p.m.