1. Welcome & apologies for absence

Apologies: Ewan McCarthy (EM), Jon Musgrave (JM)

2. Register of interests – check & update

All present checked and signed the register of interests.

4. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors on 19th September 2018


5. Matters arising from previous meetings (not covered in the agenda below)

The S6D website now shows a vacancy for the Marketing Director and although there had been a post on the SOA website, no one has come forward. A fresh request will be published. Action: CM

All present were asked to try to identify a suitable person. Action: All

Score article about the allocation of funds to clubs has been written and is with the Score editor ready to publish. Action: JM

6. Finance report (KR)

Financial statements for year ended 28 February 2018 were reviewed and approved at the last meeting, as well as presented at the AGM. These will be filed with Companies House by 30 November 2018. (This has now been done). The tax statement is due to be filed by 28 February 2019.

KR has been discussing finances with 2019 COT re budget and a discussion regarding fees will come up later in the meeting.

KR highlighted that he copies in DK on significant payments and bank account snapshots, to ensure there is some safety net system.

World champs will also come up later in the meeting. The spend profile and appointment of Finance Director were commented on by KR.

Funds are still in place at £80k and advances to 2019 of £20k have been made. SOA invoices will also need to be paid therefore total fund level will in short term take a dip until 6 day entry funds start to come in to release cash advance. Action: KR

7. Risk Register

RW presented the updated Risk Register and highlighted the changes to the previous version.

The Risk Register has acknowledged the exposure of the company to potential issues with the 2022 WOC; financial, reputation, volunteer overload. The budget following review had addressed some of the concerns. Volunteer overload was still considered to be a high risk with actions to mitigate to be identified.

Insurance for urban events and British Orienteering policy to be investigated to ensure coverage.

Need to be clear on website on policy on refunds in event of cancellation.

Suggestion that SOA CPO review register to ensure child protection issues are suitably covered. Action: RO

GDPR and data protection to be reconsidered in terms of exchange of information and issue to others. Potentially an overlap with SOA, help and review to be sought. Action: RO

RW to update the document and circulate. Action: RW

8. Strathearn 2019 – 28th July to 3rd August 2019

Entry fees were discussed and the recommendation from Gareth Bryan Jones was presented. The early entry fee for seniors was agreed as £19.

The fees were to rise in line with previous years to ensure incentives to enter earlier. Junior fees are being held at 2017 levels. Sprint race fee would be £10 pre-entry and £12 on the day. Levy rates are understood to still be the same as 2017.

Our bank was to be asked about the availability of card reader facilities to help with cash flow at the event. Action: KR

CM presented his report highlighting the following:

Event centre bookings are taking shape championed by Alan and Fiona Downie who are residents in the Crieff area.

More information is available on planning restrictions on travel and limitations on dogs etc.

Hardcore Events Ltd are to provide event services for the area.

Some reservations on mapping quality and proof checking were voiced.

Some planners are still to provide updates.

Additional site visit at Auchengarrich was recently undertaken and appeared to be successful

Entries are sorted and prepared for website.

Buses are free but will include a £1 booking fee to understand numbers and take up.

Can we use BOF permanent course maps facility to manage issue of training maps. Action: CM

First Aid provision – Red Cross are not able to commit this far in advance and so F1 Training Services (used at BOC 2018) will be used as they can commit. Action: CM

9. 2021 Six Days

CM reported little progress on this.

DK has approached a number of clubs to form central organisation.

No coordinator has yet been identified.

10. Edinburgh WOC Sprints 2022

CM presented his report highlighting the following:

CM rather than IOF has been moving things forward. Awaiting decisions from others on appointments and programme and timings.

Graham Gristwood has been appointed as Technical Director for the event though this would be potentially be in conflict with his role as SOA performance and director.  Anne Hickling (AH) and DK have been making appointments thus far as, in essence, a sub group of the steering group. An Event Director will need to be appointed through the full steering group.

CM has been carrying out a lot of other work on the website etc.

The role of WOC treasurer has expressions of interest from three people. DK and AH will carry this forward and arrange interviews etc. Action: DK

Lorna Eades has been approached for TV liaison and a Spectator Race Coordinator is being sought.

A number of people have expressed an interest with no specific roles in mind. They are being held on file and will be considered going forward.

Tony Thornley has been put forward as National Controller by British Orienteering and IOF are still to confirm acceptance of this.

The SEA/Project Manager is arriving on Monday and touring potential Edinburgh sites. Dave Robertson has been looking at a second draft of outline courses incorporating comments from IOF.

An Agency (Edinburgh based) has been asked to look at branding, logo etc. to come up with initial ideas.

Planning permissions and programme needs further development as there is a perceived need for two finals over the weekend. This needs further discussion with IOF.

Spectator races were discussed as well as website development opportunities.

11. SOA Events Manager

CM had no further issues to report.

12. SOA business relevant to 6-Day Company

RO reported that problems with the accounts had been resolved and that plans were being made to invest some of the reserves in the sport.

SOA is looking at the future with Sport Scotland money being ringfenced going forward. Reserve policy is currently defined as 6 months operating costs as a minimum level to maintain. There is a meeting on 5th December to resolve these issues.

SOA are preparing to apply for the next 4 year cycle with 6 Day income as part of the balance.

Staff changes: Hilary Quick has retired and Sarah Dunn and Rona Lindsay have both left. RO highlighted that these people were greatly appreciated but the sport is not good at saying thanks which is a lesson that could be recognised also by the 6 day company.

A 3 month contract for marketing work has just been appointed.

Denise Martin has been appointed to replace Hilary Quick. East Scotland possible replacement has been identified. An admin assistant will be based in the National Centre.

13. AOB


14. Future meeting dates

Wednesday 20 March 2019.
Wednesday 12 June 2019.

The meeting closed at 8:20 pm