1. Welcome & apologies for absence.

Apologies: Ewan McCarthy (EM)

2. Register of interests – check & update.

All present checked and signed the register of interests.

3. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors on 12 June 2019


4. Matters arising from previous meetings (not covered in the agenda below)

KR reported that he was working on the action on the Risk Register.

5. Finance report (KR)

Regarding the Strathearn 2019 accounts, Gareth Bryan-Jones has kept good control on the finances and the event will be delivered within budget. There were just under 3000 competitors during the week. It was noted that the card reading machines significantly reduced the money requiring to be banked during the week.

Between the company account (£128,000) and the event accounts (£24,000) the 6-Day company currently has assets totalling £152,000.

KR has resolved payment issues with Hillside and we are now up to date with the website costs.

The WOC 2022 budgets were discussed following a review by KR.

The annual accounts will need to be prepared and agreed before 30 November. Action: KR

6. Strathearn 2019

DK gave specific thanks to TOB for all his work and also singled out Dave Nichol for his efforts in putting on the event. RS reported he spent a lot of time supporting Fabian prior to the event to try to ensure that the event ran smoother during the week. The IT team were able to complete much of their work in the field due to WiFi and better infrastructure and so there may be less need to have space at the event centre in future.

Reports from officials were being delivered but not all were in yet. There was a discussion on IT and the people needed to take this forward. The report from 2019 was considered to be worth turning in to an IT manual.

RO asked about the timetable for the post-event competitor survey and was advised that this would be available shortly.

TOB was considering reminding the organisers to allow the less agile to complete courses such as better use of styles or gates etc.  There had been feedback re the variety of terrain being good and areas that some disliked were liked by others. Communications were discussed, and radios were generally well used and functional; however some days may have had missed the opportunity to distribute these effectively.

KR noted that he was in favour of a middle distance race as part of the mix, DK noting that this was one of the questions on the survey. There was a discussion around the planning for the extra reserve day that was undertaken by the day 5 fall back and should that be a policy going forward. CM queried whether the WRE really added that much to the event as opposed to the extra printing costs and organisational imposition.

Will we seek Event Scotland event enhancements again? The target for the tracking may need to be refined. Live streaming may be considered as a 21st century version of looking at an uncollected map.

The online newsletter may have made it harder to ensure all competitors had received communication. An A3 fold out sheet can be better used including an overview of the event.

Recycled maps for start lists were well received as a sustainable solution.

CM asked all to further review the reports from him and TOB as well as the COT officials, when available. He would check with Finn Arildsen regrading the future of Condes and the 6 Days. ACTION CM

JM suggested that the 6-Day company could convey a message to clubs to encourage volunteering within the clubs.

Scoring and results and the prize giving had problems on the rules etc. Should we clarify these on website and elsewhere. Blair Young has suggested converting to non-specific engraved medals.

A plan for the day 2 type issue needs to be worked on. We should source the biggest issues from each day and create a hot topic email for Lochaber 2021. ACTION ALL

7. Lochaber 2021

The dates had been published. TOB and Clyde need to coordinate as there were several Clyde members who had volunteered for the COT. The 6-Day company welcomed this. RW volunteered to be the 6-Day board rep on the COT. ACTION TOB & RW

TOB is actively trying to identify controllers for the 6 days.

Regarding areas, CM is looking at Fort William golf club but thought Achdalieu was too tough.

Arisaig North and South might be worth two visits, but car parking would be a challenge.

Achnacarry – seems to be a good area.

Torlundy – smaller map

Greatglen – access problems crossing road.

Aonachmor – may be an issue with SNH.

Kinlochleven – land owner amenable but junior courses may be an issue.

The quest goes on for other potential areas.

Camping and caravan park possibilities are being researched. CM will approach the new Lochaber school to find if there is any interest.

The website will be updated to include a note that the 6-Day company are not planning to organise a campsite. CM to facilitate if another campsite has not offered.

Fersit has had a lot of felling and is now more marginal.

Hillside is taking forward the new website for Lochaber and streamlining the previous website’s back content. The logos between the 6-Day Company and SOA have been harmonised.

8. 6 Day 2023

Moravian are being approached.

9. WOC 2022

Programme to be as per IOF preference i.e. alternating race and rest days.

Paul McGreal to be asked to get agreement on final dates for the event. ACTION DK

CM has been in touch with the relevant people for race arenas.

IOF looking to host a High Level Event seminar near to the airport from 14 to 16 February 2020. Event Scotland will help find venues for this.

Bob Dredge’s budget was proposed. KR stated there are contingencies in the budget at this stage as most items are estimates. KR recommended endorsement at this stage and we should then closely monitor as the event develops. The contract for PM was discussed – Anne Hickling and DK are working on the appointment.

10. SOA Events Manager

CM noted that lidar date may be more available in areas such as Dumfries & Galloway and the Borders.

11. SOA business relevant to 6-Day Company (RO)

SOA is looking to get together a development plan and SportScotland funding. This will give ringfenced funding and targeted areas for development. In essence SOA have had to reduce savings and will need to source more income from levy increases. SOA are anticipating having to increase funding and levies to derive income to cover areas SportScotland will not fund.

12. AOB

TOB raised the issue of job descriptions on website, which are out-of-date, and who is to action. It was agreed that TOB should take this forward. ACTION TOB

DK noted that this was JM’s last meeting and thanked him for his time on the Board and also for his work at numerous 6 day events including particularly the coordination of Royal Deeside 2017.

13. Future meeting dates

Wednesday 4 December 2019. The AGM will be held in conjunction with this meeting.

The meeting closed at 8.30 p.m.