Welcome & apologies for absence

Elizabeth Furness was welcomed to the meeting in her role as Coordinator for Moray 2023.

Apologies: Colin Eades

Register of interests

The register of interests had been sent out with the papers for the meeting. All Directors were asked to inform DK of any changes. DK will ask EF for details. Action: DK/EF

Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors on 23 June 2021

Approved with no comments.

Matters arising from minutes of 23 June 2021 (not covered in the agenda below)

None – covered under the agenda.

Finance report

KR presented a report detailing the expected financial outcome of the Lochaber event and the estimated cash position of the Company once all the transactions had been settled. In summary:

  • It was forecast that the Company would have its own cash reserves of c. £97,000 and funds of approx. £46,000 ring-fenced for WOC as of 30 September.
  • Company reserves were lower than the policy of £100,000. However, it was agreed that the policy of consistently targeting reserves of £100,000 had stood us in good stead in this most challenging economic period.
  • The Board agreed that it was not appropriate to make the traditional disbursements to clubs. The Chairman and the SOA president agreed to prepare an appropriate communication to clubs, emphasising the ability to access development funds from SOA. Action: DK/RO
  • The actual outcome of the week was approx. £18k better than the previous forecast in June. The main factors were:
    • A £5k contingency was not needed
    • Limelight were £5k under budget (helped by using the same area twice)
    • Access costs were £2k under (due to the change in respect of day 4)
    • Expenses claimed are £3k under.
    • SI charges were also lower than expected.
    • Income was slightly ahead due to the extra entries taken in July.
  • Donations received from competitors were paid to SOA directly and not dealt with by the Company.
  • The Company’s financial statements are prepared to 28 February each year. KR highlighted that the 2021 accounts would be presented at the next meeting in November for filing by 30 November 2021. Action: KR
  • The 2021 financial statements do not include the results of a 6-Day event, so will likely show a loss as we have only negligible income in a non-6-Day year, more than offset by costs such as our commitments to the SOA.
  • KR also explained that the 2022 financial statements will not show the profits that we normally realise in an event year as income was vastly reduced and expenditure had to be carefully controlled.

Lochaber 2021

The financial situation is included in the treasurer’s report above.
RO presented his report which summarised reports from day teams, members of the COT and the results of the participant survey. It considered what went well, what could have been better and posed some questions for future events. There was much discussion regarding the review of 2021 and lessons for 2023, the main points of which are below.

  • The event went ahead! Safely executed (no significant injuries) with positive impact on Scottish orienteering’s reputation (no issues with local communities or local government, overwhelmingly positive feedback from landowners and competitors).
  • Great support & commitment from the Scottish Orienteering community (6-Days Board, SOA, clubs, individual volunteers, sportScotland, local authorities, landowners etc)
  • 91% of respondents in the survey rated the organisation as excellent or very good
  • Negative comments were mainly on the long drives, long walks, toughness of areas and whether there should have been 6 days competition for all competitors.
  • The lack of entry on the day was accepted by participants, but could have a negative effect on income in future events. Online entry at the event should be in future plans.
  • Particular thanks were given to Donald Grassie for overseeing the maps, David Nicol for coping with the entries and Michael Atkinson for website management.
  • The problem of selecting areas is well known to the directors and COT, but less well so by the participants.
  • In recognition of the difficulty that the final Saturday causes for some accommodation options, the difficulty of finding 6 good orienteering areas with suitable parking, the issue of volunteer overload and recognising the lower numbers commonly experienced on day 6, it was agreed after considerable discussion that Moray 2023 will be run as a 5-day event from Sunday to Friday. A 6th day, otherwise known as the rest day and not part of the main programme, will include some orienteering activity but the main competition scoring will be the best 4 out of 5. This will be communicated to the orienteering community shortly. Action: DK
  • Bib collection at the event and the online programme removed the necessity for a pre-event registration day. Merchandising, bussing and ticket sales and the social aspect may be reasons for reintroducing it in 2023.
  • DK will contact David Nicol about entries in 2023 and RS will contact Michael Atkinson about website development. Action: DK/RS
  • Flexibility with punching starts was welcomed this year and eased the workload at starts. There was concern that too much flexibility might have the opposite effect and jeopardise the fairness of the overall competition.
  • Remote finishes should be avoided if possible.
  • The technical and day organisers’ manuals require some updating. The Condes template and the list of SI units being used each day should be made available in good time.
  • Keith Brown, computer manager, has produced a report which will be discussed at the next meeting. RS was asked to prepare a review of the report. Action: RS

Moray 2023

The event will be held from Sunday 30th July through to Friday 4th August.

Under the coordination of EF, the COT will be a combination of members of Moravian Orienteers and individuals from other clubs. Mapping coordinator Donald Grassie and Computer manager Paul Furness are already identified. EM will be the 6 Day directors’ representative.

EF will get access to the 2021 dropbox.

WOC 2024

Graham Gristwood has resigned as Technical Director and Paul McGreal is looking for a replacement.

6 Days 2025

TOB is preparing a proposal for a 6 Day event in Southern Scotland and will report back to the Board at the next meeting. Action: TOB

SOA business relevant to 6-Day Company

S6D and SOA will work together on a replacement for CM. Action: DK/RO


Colin Matheson and Terry O’Brien, officially attending their last meeting, were thanked for everything they have done for the 6 Day Company.

Future meeting dates

TBC November 2021 (via Zoom)

The meeting closed at 9.15 pm