The next event will be held from Sunday 30 July to Friday 4 August 2023. In a strategic change from previous events, this will be a 5 day event with the best 4 out of 5 runs to count. The main reasons for this change are:

  • It is becoming increasingly difficult to find 6 quality areas and suitable car-parking without facing some long journeys (as happened with Lochaber 2021).
  • Moving to a 5-day event will potentially open up more parts of Scotland in which an event can be held.
  • Many accommodation lettings are now from Friday to Friday making a Saturday event difficult for those affected.
  • The resources of Scottish orienteering clubs, and their members, are being stretched by the number of events taking place.

One of the Company’s aims is to continue to attract competitors from around the world by putting on a high quality event in the spectacular areas that Scotland has to offer and we feel that this change will enable the overall quality to be maintained.

That's what I call a race arena!

We plan to be back to larger race arenas again.

It is also our intention to move back to a more ‘normal’ event in 2023 with traders, socials, merchandising and rest day activities making this a true holiday experience.