Tuesday 1st August 2023

Today is a long distance event

Roseisle is a beautiful forested sand-dune area with areas of very little undergrowth interspersed with some denser areas where visibility is reduced and contour complexity increased

Photo © Richard Webb (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Day 3 takes us to Roseisle Forest and our second long distance event of Moray 2023 with kind permission of Forestry and Land Scotland. Roseisle Forest is a planned forest consisting of mostly open pine forest with some denser areas. Planted on coastal sand dunes which provide some complex topography with the sea bordering the north west of the area. There is a good network of forest roads and many smaller paths.

Parking for cars will be in a large, gently sloping field with approximately 10 minute walk to the arena including a road crossing. Motorhome and campervan parking will be at Forres Academy with bussing to the arena.



A selection of images from the race area…

Image Caption: Roseisle map extract

Image Caption: Roseisle Dunes

Image Caption: Roseisle map extract

Image Caption: Roseisle Forested Dunes

Final Details

Important Information

Organising clubs:
Interlopers Orienteering Club (INT) supported by Grampian Orienteers (Gramp).
Robin Galloway (INT) & Max Carcas (INT).
Tim Griffin (GRAMP) & Zoe Griffin (GRAMP).
John Emeleus (KFO) & Colin Eades (INT).
Field east of Burghead adjacent to the B9040, IV30.
This parking is not suitable for any campervans or motorhomes whatever their size – it is the ground clearance and weight which means that they will not be permitted to park at the Burghead field.
All parking for campervans is at Forres Academy Car Park, Burdsyard Road, Forres IV36 1FG with bussing from there.
For cars Only: From Forres at Findhorn Roundabout on A96 take the B9011 towards Kinloss. After 1.8 miles in Kinloss continue straight onto the B9089. Follow the B9089 for 5 miles. After Roseisle Distillery turn left following the B9089 for a further 1.3 miles. At the junction turn left onto the B9013. After 0.1 miles turn right onto the B9040 (Hopeman / Cummingston). After 0.5 miles turn left into the parking field.
For Campervans and Motorhomes: Parking is in the car park at Forres Academy, Burdsyard Road, Forres, IV36 1FG with additional bus transport to the arena. From the Findhorn Roundabout on the A96 take Victoria Road into Forres driving past Grant Park. Take South Street on your left (at the end of Grant Park before Andersons Primary School). At the roundabout take the second exit and immediately turn left onto Sanquhar Road and follow Sanquhar Road for 0.3 miles. Please follow the marshals’ instructions for parking.
1km from parking (playing field, Burghead adjacent to B9013).
All starts are co-located 500m from the arena.

Complex contours in forested dune.
Runners may encounter cyclists, dog walkers and horse riders. The starts are near a commonly used track and there is a network of paths through the forest.
There are no water points on the courses.
Longer courses go near a steep-sided watercourse (with marked crossing-points) and a forest carpark where runners may encounter slow-moving traffic.
Junior Courses:
White tape will be used where routes are unclear.
Roseisle was originally mapped in 1999, and has been regularly updated since. The current version was prepared by Jon Hollingdale in 2018, based on Lidar data supplied through SOA.
This map was updated by DOLM in 2023 for Moray 2023.
The finish for all courses is in the arena.
String and Off-string Courses:
Adjacent to the Arena.
BOF Registration Number: 81096

Final Course Lengths

Course Class Length (km) Climb (m) Map Scale Start
1 M10B W10B 2.1 40 1:7,500 White
2 M10A M12B W10A W12B 2.4 50 1:7,500 White
3 W12A W14B 2.6 55 1:7,500 White
4 M12A M14B 3.4 65 1:7,500 White
5 W75S W85 1.6 50 1:7,500 White
6 M85 W70S W80 2.0 55 1:7,500 White
7 M75S M80 W65S W75L 2.2 60 1:7,500 White
8 White 2.1 40 1:7,500 White
9 Yellow 2.4 50 1:7,500 White
10 Orange 2.6 55 1:7,500 White
14 Light Green 3.4 75 1:7,500 Green
15 Green 4.2 95 1:7,500 Green
16 W14A W16B 3.4 75 1:7,500 Green
17 M14A M16B 4.4 80 1:7,500 Green
18 M70S W55S W60S W70L 3.2 80 1:7,500 Green
19 M65S W50S 3.4 90 1:7,500 Green
20 M75L W45S W65L 3.6 90 1:7,500 Green
21 M60S W40S 3.9 80 1:7,500 Green
22 W18S W20S W35S 4.2 95 1:10,000 Green
23 M55S W60L 4.4 100 1:7,500 Blue
24 M70L W55L 4.7 100 1:7,500 Blue
25 M18S W16A W21S 4.9 100 1:10,000 Blue
26 M50S 5.2 100 1:7,500 Blue
27 M45S W50L 5.5 100 1:7,500 Blue
28 M40S M65L 5.6 105 1:7,500 Blue
29 M20S M35S W45L 5.7 120 1:7,500 Blue
30 M60L W40L 6.0 110 1:7,500 Blue
31 M21S W18L W20L W35L 6.5 120 1:10,000 Blue
34 M16A W21L 6.6 125 1:10,000 Red
35 M55L 7.1 120 1:7,500 Red
36 M18L M50L 7.9 130 1:7,500 Red
37 M45L 8.4 135 1:7,500 Red
38 M40L 8.9 130 1:10,000 Red
39 M20L M21L M35L 8.9 145 1:10,000 Red
40 W21E 8.5 140 1:10,000 Red
41 M21E 11.2 155 1:10,000 Red

Thanks to the landowners who have made today’s event possible…

Forestry and Land Scotland Moray Council Strathdee Properties