The following information is being emailed to all entrants for the Scottish 6 Days…

Final details for the Scottish 6 Days have now been published.

Provisional start times have now been uploaded to Fabian and are available.

Starts are available for

  • the main competition days of the Scottish 6 Days
  • the rest day Sprint
  • the Trail O

There will be limited ability to ask for changes until midnight Saturday night – but only with really excellent reasons why they should be granted. I have done very little else but look at my laptop for two weeks now. So, absolutely no guarantees of any changes being granted. Saturday night is an absolute deadline – the bibs need prepared on Sunday so that they can be sent to the printers.

And while we are talking about bibs, if you have entered for two or more different courses on the main days of competition there will be a bib for each of the different courses you have entered. The bibs will also show details for the Rest Day sprint and the Trail-O


  • Colour Coded courses
    No allocated start times – turn up and go
  • Age Class courses
    Please arrive in good time for the start
  • Sprint
    Timed starts
  • Trail O
    Blocks of starts: “Early, Middle, Late”.
    Later this Friday evening, these will show on Fabian as nominally
    10:00 – 10:50; 10:50-11:40 and 11.40-12:30

For the main Age Class courses, the carer who starts second will be given a punching start. It doesn’t show on Fabian (eg it might show 13:21 there, but will show on your bib as 13:21 PS)

Will get a punching start on the days they are helping. This will be shown on their bibs in the same way as second carer punching starts

For information, sorting out start times has included

  • allocating clubs to days – to get a fair split across the days
  • hundreds of items in the Special Requests box (many not easy)
  • parents split starts
  • dog care!
  • fitting in helpers across all the days
  • ensuring that people can do both Trail-O and the Sprint. Half the Trail-O entrants
    are also doing the Sprint
  • and a few more wrinkles besides

We just discovered today that emails via the website have not been delivered. We have recovered a few of them – but if your web-request email is not answered by tomorrow morning. Please email me again directly at BUT please wait till tomorrow to allow me to get through the known backlog.

David Nicol