1. Apologies for absence


2. WOC Sprint 2022

CM gave an overview of the proposed application to stage the WOC Sprint championships in 2022 in Edinburgh. British Orienteering would make the application but neither they nor the SOA could provide a financial guarantee and were looking to the 6-Day Event Company to take on the financial risk.

Meetings had already taken place with EventScotland, the City of Edinburgh and the University of Edinburgh with the first two organisations offering to provide substantial grants to assist with the funding of the event. The University were interested in providing an accommodation package at Pollock Halls. A glossy bid document was in the course of preparation and the deadline for applications was 31 March.

The proposed areas for the events were Leith, Edinburgh Old Town, Pollock Halls and Heriot Watt campus at Riccarton with alternative areas at King’s Buildings and the Meadows.

KR noted that the Company had a responsibility to operate on a solvent basis and that, to proceed, the event must have a reasonable chance of breaking even. A guarantee of funding was needed from the City of Edinburgh before the 6-Day Company could commit to a bid.

The Company was currently holding reserves above the minimum level agreed as necessary and a draft budget had been prepared assuming funding would be forthcoming from EventScotland and the City of Edinburgh, CM noting that the decision on funding by the City of Edinburgh would be made at a meeting on 20 March. Some items of income such as entry fees from spectator races and merchandising had been made on a conservative basis as the first stand-alone Sprint championships would not take place until 2020 in Denmark so there was no past history to base figures on.

KR felt that costs could be managed as the 6-Day Company had substantial past experience in this area but tight cost control would be needed. CM confirmed that British Orienteering would submit the application but bid partners would be included in the document.

It was noted that Scotland would have four major events in successive years if the bid was successful and Scotland was also the intended location for JK2022. It was also noted that a significant number of volunteers would be required to assist in the staging of the event and that outside assistance such as that arranged by Linda Cairns for WOC 2015 would be needed.

DK noted that the IOF required embargoes to be in place from the date of submission of the bid document. This could present potential problems for the EUOC Big Weekend. EUOC would be contacted to discuss this issue.

EM raised the issue of spectator races, CM noting that the intention was to stage an ‘Edinburgh 5 day’ event using predominantly the same areas as WOC.

TO’B assumed that the proposed dates of 9 – 13 July would not clash with the Lakes 5 days (should not be a problem as outside English school holidays).

CM noted that an economic assessment carried out by EventScotland had indicated a positive financial impact for Scotland which justified the assistance from the City of Edinburgh.

The Directors agreed unanimously that the 6-Day Company would support the application and were prepared to cover the financial risks of staging the event on the basis that EventScotland and the City of Edinburgh would support the event with the level of funding as indicated in the provisional meetings that had already taken place.

Future meeting dates

Wednesday 14th March 2018.

Meeting closed at 7.45 p.m