1. Welcome and Apologies for absence

AH welcomed RAS (on his arrival) to the meeting in his capacity as SOA President.  Apologies received from Ross Lilley (RL)

2. Register of interests

Checked & updated.

3. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors on 22 September 2012


4. Matters arising from previous meeting

CM has now done a technology meeting report. CM to circulate
CE to fill in Appointment of director form for annual return. AP1 CE/KM

5. Finance report

KM presented his report prior to the meeting and answered questions and clarified
KM confirmed the Annual Return was filed in October.
KM suggested that the bank signatories ought to be reviewed. AP2 KM
KM confirmed that Event Scotland payment of grant money will be paid to the 6 day Company bank account rather than the Moray account. KM will distribute the final Oban account settlement.

6. 6 Day Event 2013 (Moray)

GE presented his report from the Moray 2013 event committee. The main concern expressed was in placement of day officials, the Day 2 team being still without an assistant organiser. The spreadsheet of names and contact details for day officials to be updated to include recent additions.

GE confirmed that the entry system is ready to open on December 1st.

Training day profits are to go to SEDS fundraising as they are helping to stage these training days. Clubs have agreed to waive map fees for training maps on the basis of the fundraising nature of the training.

Campsite/Event Centre (Brodie) will be run by the Moray team with any surplus to go to NTS. Social events will be held in Dyke community hall approximately 1 mile walk from the campsite.

Prizes: Mugs locally made were selected. It was queried whether cloth badges were required i.e. is there still a demand?

Mapping costs were reported to be up a bit especially at Culbin where some extra mapping work is required. Overall the costs were now estimated as £22k, compared to the previous estimate of £18k.

CM added his report from his aspects. CM reported there was a general upward creep in costs across a number of aspects of the Moray event, particularly land access costs.

CM presented the promotional video which was to be presented on the Moray 2013 website, which was well received by those present.

Computing and manpower for forthcoming 6 days was discussed. RS proposed a training course (suggested date 15th January 2013) to improve computer literacy and competence in setting up the computer systems.  RS has a number of possible interested people in mind and will approach them directly. The discussion covered how the course should be presented, RAS suggested SOA would be interested in this development strategy, potential for cooperation. RO reported that the post of computing leader for 2015 has hopefully been filled, described as “fairly definite.”  Once confirmed, he/she should be encouraged to be part of the Moray computing team to gain experience. AP3 RS

There was a discussion on marketing for Moray 2013, with adverts to be placed in CompassSport, and Focus magazines, and CM was working on an article for Focus. There was discussion on use of email addresses from SiEntries, possibly limited to one year subsequent, which will need to be investigated for future use from Moray 2013. The use of social media was suggested to be an avenue worthy of further investigation and it was considered prudent to ensure social media savvy people are used for future marketing roles. There was discussion on the potential for a Facebook page for Moray 2013.

There was nothing further to report on the T shirts for helpers.  No sponsor has yet been found.

Insurance matters for Moray 2013 were discussed. This included the registering of social events as activities, campsite insurances and public liability insurances. AP4 KM, CM

7. Highland 2015

RO had previously circulated a report.

Mapping costs and strategy was discussed, with discussion on SportScotland attempting to get Lidar mapping data at reduced rates for WOC2015 and Highland 2015.

There was some discussion of the possibility of joint teams being used particularly day 4/5 and WOC overlap days particularly with planning and controlling aspects; Graeme Ackland was doing some investigations in to this.  2015 technical director needs to be involved to ensure there is sufficient good terrain for Day 4/5. AP5  DK

UHI campus was reported as progressing.

AH reported that negotiations are ongoing with BOF regarding a joint agreement between 6 Day Company and BOF for the staging of the combined WOC/Highland event. AP6  AH

British Orienteering is looking at WOC2015 as being set up as a separate company.

There was discussion on the need to work closely on joint marketing issues and strategies between WOC2015 and Highland 2015.

6 Day Co. to consider asking for increased representation on committees as they develop if considered appropriate to ensure 6 Day Co. interests are properly represented.

8. Marketing strategy

RL had circulated a paper on marketing strategy. Some further discussion was held with a view to sponsorship such as Highland Spring or such like. Distilleries were thought to probably not be acceptable under IOF rules for WOC2015.

9. A Few Surplus Maps

John Colls’ latest proposal for the supplement to AFSM was agreed.  AH to confirm with JC. AP7  AH

10. 6 Days 2017

Discussion on suggested area to hold this event was held, the discussion concluded with the recommendation of investigation of Deeside as a possible venue. AH to approach Jon Musgrave. AP8  AH

11. Professional Officer

Forestry Commission access fees – CM updated the committee suggesting that currently the negotiations are tending towards larger events such as the 6 Day event and SOLs being likely to have to pay but that smaller events could be exempt.

There was some discussion on the potential for better coordination of the activities of professionals with particular reference to the effect on the 6 Day Co. of the potential numbers of additional competitors that might appear at the Moray 2013 event. It was suggested the 6 Day Co. seeks further clarification of the anticipated numbers to allow the event to be able to cater adequately. AP9 CM

CM reiterated the requirements from SportScotland regarding a percentage of the professional officers time being spent on governance aspects. His weekly report would identify these activities for monitoring.

12. SOA Business relevant to 6-Day Company

RAS confirmed that JK surplus was now received and so SOA looking at volunteer development (upskilling).

Discussion on marketing developments by Andy P including marketing that includes 6 day Co logos etc.

SOA now have charitable status. This may open up opportunities for other funding mechanisms.

13. Any Other Business

Scottish 6 day company archiving was discussed.
Anne Hoy has requested any information available from previous merchandising budget and costs etc.

14. Future Meetings

27th February 2013 (change from previous date of 20th Feb)
15 May 2013

CE volunteered to take the next Minutes. Meeting closed 9:10pm.