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Register of interests

The register of interests had been sent out with the papers for the meeting. All Directors were asked to inform DK of any changes. CE advised that he was also a member of Roxburgh Reivers.

Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors on 25 May 2021

Approved with one correction – CM was to contact Environmental Health rather than specifically via zoom.

Matters arising from minutes of 3 February 2021 (not covered in the agenda below)

Covered in discussions.

Finance report

KR advised that he had nothing further to report other than the information contained in the papers issued regarding the financial position of Lochaber 2021.

Lochaber 2021

The next Scot Gov. announcement is anticipated 13th July with a planned move the following week.
RO presented a review of his report on how the various options would work out. He advised that trying to predict what will happen is very difficult and noted the significant format change to a possible 2 x 3-day format.
Sections of the report gauged the opinion of several discrete groups and the collated conclusions.
The poll of competitors sided with a 2 x 3-day event rather than nothing.
The second poll was in respect of the volunteers and was split approx. 1/3rd no event, 1/3rd 2 x 3-day event, 1/3rd full event.
We have also consulted with SportScotland to check that we are complying with their interpretation of the current instructions.
Landowners and Communities were consulted as best as possible and the responses were positive and encouraging. Most were happy with our plans as currently communicated. Several contacts were proving very difficult to get hold of as they are very busy. Scottish government agencies are supportive but insisted on following their guidance and carrying out COVID risk assessments.
The financial position for a 2 x 3-day event and refunding 50% of the entry fees now appears to be no worse than if we cancel the event. N.B. The feedback from polls would be that about 10% would cancel in this event. Currently it appears that we have a strategy for a 2 x 3-day event in terms of entries to date.
A consideration of reputational risk has brought forward a wide range of views for consideration from not bringing competitors to remote areas to the view that they are better to be orienteering than in the general area as tourists on the assumption that most competitors will have booked accommodation and will come to the area regardless of whether the event takes palce.
The current framework for sport has yet to be updated to align with the latest announcements from the First Minister. Car parking at a couple of the areas require no exit before 1230 the arrangements of which are contradictory to advice to leave areas as soon as possible.
There were discussions about a string course being included in the numbers with no definitive conclusion. The discussion then developed to consider the options of 2000 competitors, reduce to a 2 x 3-day event, cancel completely or plan for a 2 x 3-day event with an opportunity to expand to 2000 if permitted.
Media turning up at the event and how to deal with them was raised and would be further considered.

Each of the directors expressed their personal views on the options. The consensus of these views was to continue to host the event but on the 2 x 3-day format. This was to be taken forward as a proposal to SOA for ratification. N.B. This option could still be expanded to the 2000 option if the COVID guidance were to change to allow this.

There was further discussion on how to manage the message to the teams and support them after this decision.

WOC 2024

No action since last meeting.

SOA Events Manager

CM mentioned development work that has been undertaken around Lochaber schools.

SOA business relevant to 6-Day Company

Nothing further to report.



Future meeting dates

TBC Sept 2021 (via Zoom)

The meeting closed at 9.15 pm