Culbin terrain

Today’s results and links to RouteGadget etc. are available on the results site. Scanning the QR code on your map will also take you to the results pages online.

Yet more smiling faces abounded in the assembly/ car park today as everyone got to experience the delights of Culbin again.  Having the event in Culbin did however mean there were compromises to be made.

There were lots of complementary comments on the planning today, with lots of entrants getting their first taste of Culbin, and lots of admiring comments on the terrain.  A few more experienced orienteers were heard to say that they thought it to be one of the best orienteering locations in the UK.  The planning team did state that they were sorry to have to make people walk so far to the starts but hoped that the quality of the courses and terrain were suitable compensation! At least the walks were on pleasant forest paths and tracks with almost NO climb.

Getting everyone access to Culbin did however mean some compromises.  The decision to ask campervans to park in Forres Academy, get on a bus and walk to the assembly was not taken lightly and we are grateful to all of those who adhered to the request.  The field and track to the assembly is a bit cut up after a days rain and approximately 900 cars taking access but things are meant to dry up overnight and we have rubber mats to supplement the track mats.   Please adhere to the request to drive slowly and steadily across the trackmats and rubber matting to preserve the surface as much as possible.

For those travelling via car please use the road via Brodie and follow the signs erected by our volunteers, as advised on the website, rather than following your satnav which directs you to a small residential road in Kintessack as we do not want to have to help push anyone else stuck on the green track taken by those walking from the bus.

Following on from Day 4 of our event the times for the seeded starts on Day 5 in the elite events have been sent out.  Prize giving will take place as soon as possible to allow everyone to get home and we hope that most people will be able to stay and support.

The DAY 5 team have asked us to let you know:

  • The traders are struggling to mobile signal for card payments so please bring cash to buy your refreshments.  We have The Olive Tree Kitchen (coffee and cake) Right to Roam, (coffee and cake), Big Orange (lots of tasty treats) and Spruce and Stag the pizza horsebox is hoping to be there too along with Compass Point for all your last minute orienteering needs!
  • As many of you discovered today your Satnav does not take you to the correct place.  Please follow the requested route via Brodie in the west and then follow the signs.
  • The walk to the start is rough and narrow and through heather in parts.  Please leave plenty of time.
  • There are lots of biting insects about as well as ticks – come prepared with insect repellant.
  • If you are travelling south on the A9 after the event tomorrow be aware that the junction in/out of Pitlochry will be closed late afternoon in connection with the UCI Championships/ Gran Fondo and the area around Perth will be very busy.