1. Welcome and Apologies

DK welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2. Register of Interests

No changes reported.

3. Approval of Minutes of Meeting of Directors (27th June 2023)

Approved as read.

4. Matters Arising

None other than those on the agenda

5. WOC 2024

SEA Visit

DK reported on the terms of the SEA visit the previous weekend. Paul McGreal had met with Aron Less and they had discussed possible changes to the format to allow budget savings. Three possible options discussed:-

  1. No qualification rounds
  2. No Knock Out Sprint (KOS)
  3. Same arena for KOS and Sprint

All options lead to reductions in costs but added extra costs or in the case of option 2 lead to lost income.

DK had suggested a possible option 4 to Paul McGreal:- no qualifiers and KOS and Sprint in the same arena. This option has not been costed and Paul did not think it was viable.

It had been agreed with IOF that Bulletin 2 could be pushed back.

DK indicated that he had written to IOF to determine whether any of the options was viable in their opinion.

It was agreed that the planners would have a valuable insight into potential options and DK would organise a meeting through Paul McGreal to allow a discussion with them.

Action: DK to speak to Paul McGreal and organise meeting with planners.


DK reported that he had discussed the current deficit with Peter Hart. Peter Hart would be willing to put a request forward to the BOF Board but he would like to see a proposal for a specific sum. The BOF board are due to meet on 24th July. DK undertook to put a proposal forward to BOF once a conclusion had been reached on how to proceed.


The Board discussed the terms of the estimated budget impacts on the various options discussed at the SEA visit. Concern was expressed that the budget continued to contain considerable estimated costs. DK undertook to speak to Bob Dredge and Paul McGreal to ask them to obtain as many quotations as possible to provide more certainty.

After discussion it was agreed that determining the format for the event was essential and getting those with expertise and experience together to determine what could be done. This would have to be done before the BOF Board meeting and all present undertook to suggest those who they believed should attend.

The Board agreed they were happy to proceed with the event provided more funding could be sought, savings were made and a more precise budget was provided. SOA requested a roadmap of the discussions/ decision points to aid SOA decisions.


  • DK to speak to Bob Dredge and Paul McGreal about reducing uncertainty in budget/ discuss potential for one day meeting to determine format.
  • Board to consider who should be present in group discussion on format of event


NH reported that Howdens had been approached in respect of event insurance for WOC 2024 and indicated it may be worth considering Directors and Officers Liability insurance in respect of the event.

6. Date of Next Meeting