1. Welcome & apologies for absence

Apologies: Dave Kershaw (DK)

2. Register of interests

Circulated and completed.

3. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of Directors on 7th May 2014


4. Matters arising from the minutes of 7th May 2014 (and not covered elsewhere in the agenda below).

Re:AP4: KM investigating liability insurances is still ongoing with Ian McIntyre. Hoping to deal with this through liaison with SOA. AP1: KM

AGM has been postponed until November meeting. AP2: AH

Re: AP5a: There was further discussion about British Orienteering insurance for 2015 including cover for non-members, taster sessions and about the implications for the 6Day and WOC. KM to continue to explore with BOF/WOC. AP3: KM

AP5b: AH 6 Day archive. Simon Firth ESOC has volunteered to assist with sorting and scanning the archive.  AH to follow up. AP4: AH

AP6: CM Equipment store. All equipment is now stored at Glenmore following a major clearout. No additional storage space is now needed.

5. Finance report

KM presented the finance report which showed that £50k had been transferred to WOC.  A further transfer will need to be carried out to cover costs of bridge works.

Mapping Fund: SOA treasurer would like a clear procedure on how the transfer of money will work. A panel of Anne Hickling, Terry O’Brien and Hilary Quick have looked at early submissions and two awards have been approved.

Risk Register: 1st draft was circulated for discussion.

6. Information Leaflet and video

Leaflet has not yet been produced.

Jonathan Hootton made a video following Moray2013 which is currently on his own YouTube site. Ownership should be transferred to 6 day Co. RL was authorised to make a payment, this was still to be agreed with JH. AP5: RL

7. Highland 2015

RO and CM tabled reports which highlighted progress made and areas where further action was required.

Budget: the budget is developing with a cautious approach with the projected surplus reduced from previous estimates. Entry fees to be held as before (with minor changes to colour coded) but to charge directly for car parking.

Access: arrangements are progressing satisfactorily

Mapping and planning: good progress to date, some areas are fairly tough.

Infrastructure: There was much discussion about the bridges and access roads. Royal Engineers will carry out bridge construction and other works. Various applications for funding are in progress.

Assembly areas: close liaison between WOC and 6Days is needed at the working level, this will hopefully gain momentum when a replacement arena manager is found.

Day caterers and traders: Charging these people to be investigated further, suggested fees would be approx double the previous charges.

Event centre and campsite: All seem agreeable in principle but no signed up agreements yet in place. Investigations into running the campsite by a third party are ongoing. The Event centre costs still to be agreed. Marquee, catering and entertainment for the campsite is being planned.

Website: This is up and running.  A volunteer for social media is being sought.

Accommodation: This is difficult to help with but the website aims to direct people to appropriate websites including tips on what sort of places are available and how to find (suggested search words for internet)

WMOC: Looking at how we can assist and encourage competitors to make the transit, including travel logistics and suggestions.

Bussing:  may need to increase to assist and encourage extra visitors. Need to firm up on costs.  Bussing to all WOC/6 Day events should be offered.

Event Scotland: Discussions on marquees at race sites with screens etc. to make these more than just wet weather options.

8. 6 Day 2017

Some areas have been identified but nothing much else to report. Suggestion of some merchandizing at previous 6 Day, perhaps more than just a car sticker?

9. SOA Professional Officer

Discussion on RDO post to hopefully kick on from Highland 2015.

10. SOA business relevant to the 6-Day Company

Report tabled by RAS included reference to SportScotland funding to 2019, change of the SOA Development Director, funding for RDO and Admin assistant posts. CM and Hilary Quick are currently looking after arrangement for WOC training camps following the resignation of the WOC training coordinator.

11. Any Other Business

Minute Secretary: Some potential candidates have been identified, and will be approached Directors reminded to give reasonable notice of intention to step down.

Scottish Event awards, we are finalists in the Sports Events category.  AH and Mr & Mrs Matheson to attend awards ceremony on October 8th.

6 day company accounts to be in completed by end October. AP6: KM

12. Future meeting dates

19 November 2014
11 February 2015