1. Welcome and Apologies

2. Register of Interests

Checked & Updated.
AP1 All: LW advised that any connection with a potential WOC competitor should be noted in the Register.

3. Approval of Minutes of Meeting of Directors on 24th November 2010

The minutes were approved by email before being posted on the website.

4. Matters arising from the minutes of 24th November not covered elsewhere in the agenda

AP2 (AP2 from 24th November 2010 meeting carried forward) All: Paul Frost would like photos of any aspects of the Six Day event for use on the website.

AP3 LK: check that CM is taking the Health & Safety Manual forward.

It was agreed that no change should be made to the policy on charging for SI hire but competitors should be encouraged to purchase their own dibbers (AP9 from 24th November 2010 meeting).

AP4 DK: advise planners regarding Radio Controls emphasis on each day (Days 1 & 5 – Masters Cup, Days 2 & 3 – FCC, Days 4 & 6 – Elites) (AP10 from 24th November 2010 meeting). It was agreed that M18/M20 and W18/W20 should have combined middle distance courses on Day 2 in connection with the FCC. The leading time should be 20-25 minutes for these courses.

AP5 DK: advise planners of Day 2 change. RL: let entries know about the change. MS: to write a piece for the Oban 2011 website about this change.

The possible recording of the event was discussed. Estimated costs are required.
AP6 RL, AH, DK: to progress investigations into filming at Oban 2011; AH to check with BOF regarding WOC 2011 video?

5. Oban 2011

RL reported that entries were higher at 2121 as at 31 January than at the equivalent stage in 2009. There were 462 overseas entries, also higher than in 2009.
With respect to the Event Centre, the school and hall (max capacity 200) at Benderloch were still to be secured.

AP7 RL & CM: ask Council whether school (Loch Nell Primary) hire could be an ‘in kind’ donation from the Council, also the Corran Hall in Oban (max capacity 400).

With regard to the campsite, sinks and waste water disposal were still to be agreed. Showers, power and the water supply were OK. The parking fields for the campsite are also OK, the crofters field adjacent to the school has been offered to us for additional parking and yet to be secured.

There has been recent local publicity via an article in the Oban Times. Further publicity planned for the spring. Local publicity could be adapted for national publicity such as Score and the website. John Colls would like cameo pieces in connection with his book. GBJ noted that there was a facility within Fabian4 to email all those who had entered in 2009.This has been used once so far this year.

Funding is in line with budget. An application is in to Leader for circa 26K with funding split 50% 6-Day / 50% Leader. This included £7K for the bridge at Torintork (if required), hard core for ground work and IT training for up to 12 volunteers. Some of these items could be dropped if funding did not come through.

Other points were:

  • Event Scotland are due a report from the Oban treasurer. GBJ will email the 2009 report to RL for information.
  • An IT team separate from the SI team was required.
  • A big screen has been provisionally booked for Day 3 but the cost (£3K) was not yet committed. Other IT requirements include a GPS tracker. A commentary team had also to be appointed.
  • Triple Echo would be filming an O event next week for ‘The Adventure Show’ going out in March.
  • A replacement Day Co-ordinator was needed, Dave MacRitchie having resigned. There were suggestions of a couple of people to approach for this important role.
  • Bob Cherry had advised that he was happy with the benchmark courses.

AP8 RS & MS: to propose penalty for non-finishers by end-February.

AP9 RL: email Day Organisers reminding them to involve other clubs allocated to their day.

RL advised that there were 120 orders to date for John Colls’ book.

CM noted that St Andrews First Aid had closed their Fort William office. He was investigating the Red Cross as an alternative.

The Tourist Information Office in Oban have an outdoor stand which may be used at Day 1. Perth may also advertise in connection with JK 2012.

6. Finance Report

RO reported that the refund of the PWT float was imminent.

RO provided a prototype T-bar replacement. The cost was approx £12 per unit though RO would investigate whether a lighter option could be manufactured.
AP10 RO: to order 600(?) T bars.

RO noted the current bank balance.

The revised event levy system was noted.

AP11 LW: to check with BOF whether the levy calculation would be based on the event as a whole or whether each day would be treated as a separate event.

7. Six Day Event 2013

AH reported that COT members are being appointed and the budget is being drafted. There are still issues in connection with permissions, car parking and WOC.

The position regarding RAF Kinloss is unclear and a back-up option is required. Merchandising and the website were currently under discussion. The event name will be Moray 2013.

AP12 AH to circulate the Moray 2013 logo.

8. Six Day Event 2015 and WOC 2015 bid

MS left the meeting for this item.

The 2015 bid document has been received. A map of embargoed areas is on the BOF website. Event Scotland had been controlling the release of information on the event but CM noted that the film production team wished to mention WOC in their film.

There will be a holding statement regarding 6-Day location for 2015 at the SOA 2011 AGM. A final decision will be made after the WOC 2015 decision (expected sometime between August and October 2011). Dave Peel has led the bid team but would not lead the WOC organising team if the bid is successful.

MS rejoined the meeting at the close of this item.

9. British Orienteering Event Safety & Welfare Workshop

A training session had been held in Edinburgh on 11th January. A team of seven tutors will be rolling this out to other Scottish orienteers. On-line training would also be available in the future.

AP13 LK: ensure all Day Organisers for Oban 2011 have attended the Event Safety training. DG had raised the issue of whether a Safety Officer was required for large events in Scotland.

AP14 LW: to advise DG that the 6-Day model is for each day to carry out risk assessment. CM noted that he would be carrying out this function for JK2012 and BOF should have expertise in this area.

10. SOA Professional Officer

CM noted that he was the Assistant Co-ordinator for JK2012. He has also met with Hilary Quick and had a look around the 6-Day store at the National Centre.

11. SOA business relevant to 6-Day Company

A report on JK progress had been received from Dave Prentice (DP) via Donald Grassie following a recent meeting.

LW noted that the 6-Day Company could help to provide expertise (e.g. manuals, equipment) but would not be directly involved with running the event. The areas to be used are Livingston (Day 1), Dunalastair (potentially Day 2), Craig a Barns (Day 3) and Newtyle (Day 4). The event centre would be Dunkeld.

DP has co-ordinated the event so far but wishes to take a lesser role now. BOF look after treasury but the event needs to appoint a treasurer.

12. Procurement policy

With minor amendments, including adding “computer and multi-media services” as a further item, the Procurement Policy was agreed. The document is intended for guidance. GBJ noted that there were strong long-term relationships with some suppliers that should be borne in mind when considering tenders.
AP 15 LW to post document on Huddle and inform Oban 2011 treasurer

13. 2011 BOF Rules & Guidelines

LK: all Organisers should complete the Safety Course. Controllers should be encouraged to attend.

GBJ: the safety ban on under 16’s running courses that crossed public roads would affect the choice of venue for rest day sprint races.

AH: environmental issues should be brought to the attention of competitors and some formal assessment should be made of the impact of the event.

DK: leading times and course combinations should be reviewed after Oban 2011.

MS: seeding/selection for the UK Cup and the FCC would have an impact on start lists for Days 2 & 3. Splitting of long classes may also be relevant.

RS: there was flexibility to re-instate disqualified competitors in the event of, for example, vandalised controls.

14. Business Plan

Agreed the environmental note prepared by AH should be incorporated in the Business Plan. AP16 LW: ensure update of Business Plan on website.

15. AOCB

MS advised that he intends to resign on account of other commitments. He was thanked for his 5 years as a Director of the Company.
AP16 MS: to source a replacement

The request from SEDS and ScotJos for 6 day funding was discussed.
AP17 All: email LW by next week with views on squad funding.

Dates for next meetings

Tuesday 17th May 2011 (minutes: Lindsey Knox)
Tuesday 27th September 2011 (minutes: Ross Lilley). The Ethos document and Business Plan would be reviewed at this meeting.
December 2011 / January 2012 (to be confirmed)